Need info reg Toshiba A100-337 Laptop and equivalent

    I had a Toshiba A100-337 Laptop up until 2weeks ago when my house was burgled.
    I need to know if possible what is the closest match to this laptop within the Toshiba range as they no longer sell it.

    I had upgraded the hard drive to 320gb and added 4gb ram.

    The main things i liked about the laptop was the fact vista ran smoothly on it (which it really doesnt on most machines) , it had stereo sound via 2speakers, and the touch pad synaptics drivers were very good as you could tap once to open a window to full screen, tap to minimize...

    If anyone can help it would be great as ive gone mad trying to research it myself.

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    Tell them you had a macbook, then ask for the money instead. Pretty much get whatever you want then :thumbsup:

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