Need information on best laptop to buy

Hi this is my 1st ever message on here and i was wondering if anyone can help me, i am in the market for a new laptop, i currently have a 2 year old acer which has done me well but falling apart, im finding its getting slower and slower and also the wireless no longer conects to the internet.
I mainly use my laptop to surf the net in the evenings, for work searching boiler faults, and for playing football manager games which use up alot of memory also meaning i need a high grafics card and high memory im guessing also the speed of the laptop can cause me an issue i need something quick because on these games the reactions are really slow on my old acer,

please can anyone give me any advice on a laptop, id like to keep it as cheap as possible but i am flecible on money.

many thanks once again


Upto £400?…e-1
Or could be done on finance as its PC World

Welcome to HUKD btw.

I'm asked the same question over and over... it's a simple balancing act between cost / performace. To be honest, I'd be surprised if you can buy a loptop these days that won't suit your needs. That said, you might quickly regret buying the cheapest you can.

One of the most important elements I look at these days is build quality. I think a good price point is around the £400 mark. For that money you should get a respectable specification from a recognisable brand. Go around the shops, look at the build quality used... touch the plastics see the screens - ask to see them under different lighting. Select a series (or two) that you like then hunt hard on sites like this for as much bang as you can get for your buck.

Hope that helps.


Upto … Upto £400? could be done on finance as its PC WorldWelcome to HUKD btw.

That looks pretty good.


That looks pretty good.

I would have bought it
But I bought a Toshiba instead ;-)
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