Need ipod speakers that are portable to take on holiday + need to be loud aswell

    Need ipod speakers that are portable to take on holiday + need to be loud aswell, but need to work on the 4th Gen type of ipod


    I bought these at christmas and they are great. Loud also.
    They cost £100 at argos, but only £64 here…ics

    Also available in black but a few £'s more…ics

    The logitechs are great little speakers, I've ended up buying two of them.

    You can charge your ipod through the speaker dock, and they come with a nifty little remote to alter the volume etc.

    The price is quite volitile on Amazon, I'd search round other suppliers too before buying.


    I've got a set of Altec Lansing inMotion iM3 speakers for use with my 4th gen iPod.
    They are a great bit of kit. They can be run off batteries or mains and come with an interchangeable plug so you can use them in most countries. Remote control is included and the whole lot folds up like a book (not much bigger than a paperback book when folded). They also charge the iPod when it is docked.
    Do a web search and you should find them for around £90.

    I agree, the Logitech are probably the best and the Amazon deal is amazing. They are 99 in the Apple store, 89 in John Lewis and then about 65 at Amazon. Go get them.

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    thanks 4 every1's help think ill go and buy them ones

    £2.50 in wilco seriously i got some and there loud lol they were alot more but went down in price for the sale but £2.50 is still niiiice

    i forgot 2 say they also fold to for easy storage…ics

    this is them on amazon ooo look at what people say about them 2 they recommend them :D:D
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