Need low-cost 8x/4x AGP graphics card

    Friend's card has died and he needs a relatively decent (old card was 9800/256Mb) low-cost card till he buys a new PC in June.

    Any recommendations?


    I have a 9800 Pro that I was looking to sell if of any interest

    I got a X1650pro 256mb to replace my dead 9800pro 128mb and the performance doesn't seem to be any worse. It was £70 when I bought it a year or two ago, it seems to have dropped a little now, aria have one at ]£40, but still not dirt cheap.

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    Thanks EW, looks good I'll definitely pass it on to him.

    Forsaken, could you tell me how much you want for it so we can make a comparison with this offer?

    Thanks for your help!

    I just built a new comp so the card is just sitting in my extra case. As a result, Id say £15 delivered on the assumption its a 128mb (Ill need to check this when i get back tonight).


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    Thanks, Forsaken I've sent him an email...
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