Need m/board+cpu+RAM


    I am a little out of touch with motherboards, RAM and CPUs these days. I could do with some advice on what to buy and where from for the best price.

    I am looking to run a operating system virtulization product which happens to be called VirtualIron, XenServer and Vmware. But that's info most people not be concerned about.

    My requirements, are to get as much 'resource' for my money.
    For example, if money was no object I might like to buy a QUAD core Intel with 16Gb of Ram. However I suspect it would be cheaper to but 3 motherboards each with 4Gb of RAM on each.

    So can someone help and recommend a motherboard, CPU and RAM combination that is good value. It needs to be 64-bit CPU and a decent motherboard that can take at least 4Gb of RAM.

    Finally these things don't need to be pretty, or even housed in a post case. I just need a lab setup arrangement.


    Hi Ive got a brand new mobo fs if you fancy it the link for this is…184
    £40 delivered ? any good?

    You'd be best trying to work out a bit more precisely what different options will benefit you the most - is the problem CPU intensive or memory intensive or both? Are you planning after lots and lots of virtualised OSes? What sort of total budget are you looking at?

    NB Some server cores (latest Xeons etc) have better hardware virtualisation support, but the benefits may well not outweigh the extra costs (associated with motherboard and ram)

    You can get an AMD dual-core/4GB/motherboard combo for as little as £100, for a quad-core you are looking at more like at least £200 for AMD and £230 for Intel. Best value will really depend on what the CPU/memory usage is like (and who is paying for electricity... if you are and they are running 24/7, energy-efficiency should be one of your top priorities!!)
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