Need new built in oven but I'm clueless.

Posted 7th Jun 2021
Hey all,
Definitely not my month (I know it just started). I've just forked a lot of money for tooth extraction and not even two days after I've smashed our oven doors to pieces with cantaloupe melon (don't ask how I did that because I don't know myself. I have scared my 3 years old daughter so much she's not talking with me right now).
We are in the process of selling our flat right now and hopefully soon will be out of here so understandably we don't want to pay over the moon for new oven. Were looking for something costing not more than £220. I've had a quick look at Currys and AO and found for example this Oven which seemed to be spot on with everything we need (including the price). Although as it typically is you always get this odd review or two that puts you off.
You get reviews like this with every single oven I've been looking at and now I have no idea what to buy anymore 😥

Wife hates me, cat jumped out of the window when doors smashed, my daughter does not talk to me and I have a phantom tooth pain.

HUKD help me please

(photo of my sad, broken oven for attention).
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