Need new CPU: Hypertransport Vs L2 cache on amd cpu?

Im not a gamer and im looking for a new amd cpu. My motherboard supports 2000 mhz hypertransport, and i was considering between:

Athlon 64 X2 6400+ and

Athlon X2 7850 processors

the 6400 has 2 x 1024kb l2 cache but 1ghz ht whereas the 7850 has 2 x 512kb l2 cache but 1.8ghz ht

If they both ran at the same ghz, with those differences, which would be faster or what do the l2 and ht matter for?

Also, if im not using apps that require or benefit from say 4 quads, am i right in assuming that a single/dual core cpu with a speed of 2.8 ghz out perform a quad 2.3ghz in nolrmal everyday tasks?

I just want a good cpu that will be fast for normal everyday tasks, including large winrar extractions. Could you recommend a amd am2 or am2+ cpu that will enable me to do this better, if there are better prcessors then the ones i have already considered? thank you in advance


CPU Benchmark Comparison:…php

If you have a AM2 Socket Motherboard, depend on what up-to it has, it can take most if not all AM2 CPUs.

Once you establish which CPUs you can take the fastest ram your motherboard can take, then I recommend browsing [url][/url] for parts.

4 Quads would technically require 4 CPU sockets each CPU with 4 cores.. lol

2.3ghz triple core can take a huge dump on a 3ghz dual core, depending on die size, cache and other features.

You make no mention of a budget unfortunately,

Motherboard make and model will provide a wealth of information in return.

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Hello and thank you for responding, fellow Londoner. You see thats the reason im having difficulty deciding, im not a complete novice to computers, but technology moves so fast and theres so many rules and then conflictions to those rules.

I have a asus m2n-sli deluxe wireless edition am2 board, with a bios update it can handle am2+ cpus. Its got 4 ddr2 800 slots with a maximum of 8gb, 2gb per slot. Ive got kingston ddr2 800 ram, in 2gb pairs up to 8gb.

This is like a new build, cos my old motherboard fried up, so i havnt uised any of these yet. Im considering buying the Asus crosshair motherboard, which is basically the same as ive got now, with the same nvidia 590 chipset, but it has illuminated MB, lcd poster and back panel illuminator with greater OC capabiloities, not that im going to oc.

My budget is around the £100 mark, though the ones ive considered are significantly less then that.

Please help. What should i be looking out for? Is hypertransport more imprtant then the L2 cache, when it comes to determining the overall speed of computer use? The board i have can do 2000 mhz on hypertransport btw.

All comes down to what you want really.

What I just bought, final parts arrived today, not built yet, desktop for a relative where their laptop is over 7years old, but my budget was similar, I'll be sticking Windows7 on it and upgrading later hoping a crack appears making that expiry defunct.

Coolmaster Midi Case+ 500watt PSU: £50 (bought months ago knowing I was going to build this budget box)
Asrock AM2+ mobo: £32
Crucial DDR 800mhz 2x2gb: £33(special offer from ebuyer, ended now unfortunately)
AMD X3 AM2+ Triple Core 8650 2.3ghz (my original intention was go to Intel but this was £13 more with nearly twice the power) £63
LiteOn DVD-RW £13
Gigabyte 4350 512mb (best bang for my buck processing wise) £25 (on board VGA is on the mobo but modern websites and flash and hidef means cheap onboard gfx is awful)
WD 250gb which I am donating towards this desktop
MS KB and Mouse which I am donating towards this desktop
HP 2045 20" LCD Monitor which I am donating towards this desktop (the ones that were on offer on here, I just bought a behemouth 26" for my i7 box so no need for this now)

As for your upgrade, I suggest looking at asus and amdforums, check if people with your model and mobo chipset have the latest Phenom/AMD CPUs working in it. Although, not being a big recent AMD fan (I was a AMD SoA fanboy then turned to Intel 775) I'm assuming AM3 CPUs won't work in it.

Asus spec list/readme on the latest bios update should say really.

Good Luck.

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Whats that cpu like? would it be faster on its first core at 2.3 ghz then say a athlon x2 6400+ which is around 3.2ghz on each core? Also, where did you get that for £63? Also, can i use my current heatsink or will i have to buy a differrent one?

AM3 wont work, but am2+ will, ive seen it on asus main website. I believe someone has said they have tested it up to phenom 9850

The AMD X3 Phenom Triple Core 8650 2.3ghz = 1884 on benchmark, £63 from Ebuyer

AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 3.2Ghz = 1601 on benchmark

My advice, again look at amd forums and elsewhere, see what is confirmed as fastest CPUs that'll go on your mobo, and get best bang for your buck CPU from that list, for me it was the 8650
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