Need new laptop - i3, i5 or su9400 + what brand

    I am in the market for a new laptop and have loads of needs with only a medium size budget. I also am unsure what i should really be most concerned with when i look for one. Here is what i think i want!

    15" screen max
    Intel chip - Like ultra low volt SU9400 but is it slow/old + like i3/i5 (new intel chips)
    HDMI out connection
    Good size RAM (DD3) 3/4gb?
    250-500gb hard drive
    Dedicated graphics card 512mb?
    DVD drive (not in need of blu ray really)
    Wireless a/b/g/ + N ready
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Nice to have's inc - backlit keyboard and HD screen. I looked at ACER timelines as really tempted by the 8 hr battery and cooling unit but is the SU9400 intel chip any good

    I DONT CARE ABOUT OR NEED - blu ray, bluetooth, firewire, Windows 7 prof/ultimate, large screens, bolt on software, tv card, media card slots, fingerprint security etc

    I was going to go for ACER as had no issues with them and i am familier with them but i am not loyal so...

    Can any of you lovely people give me your top tips and recommendations for a budget around £600 tops (approx).

    My current thoughts were ACER 5740 i3 or i5 chip or a DELL with i3/i5 or ACER Timeline with SU9400....

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    They're entirely different processors. The SU9400 is an Ultra-Low Voltage processor that's not as fast as normal Core 2 Duos but uses little power and enables a long battery life with a lightweight battery (which should mean a light laptop). Any machines with ULV processors are unlikely to have discrete graphics as that'll just increase the power consumption, although there are some with 'switchable' graphics where you've got both sorts.

    The i3/i5 processors are replacements for the normal mobile Core 2 Duos, you'll probably struggle to find any machine with them under 2kg, and ones under 2.5kg will probably be pretty rare as well.

    What do you mean by an 'HD Screen'? You're unlikely to find one that uses an HDTV resolution, 1280x720 is too low and 1920x1080 is too high for most people at the size you're looking at. Are you looking for one with the same aspect ratio as an HDTV (16:9 instead of the usual 16:10) or just one big enough to display HD content (in which case any will do)?
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