Need new shows for the 'bigger footed' man

    Hey there... Recently started work last month but I often have 11 hour shifts, and as it's a retail position im pretty much on my feet the entire time. My current shoes are utter cra*p as im coming home almost crawling on the floor and with blisters... Problem is my foot is a bit broader than the typical male, and I also suffer from gout in my feet so they are a little more swolen (height wise) than normal too... So it needs to be a pretty big shoe in that sense (i take a 9 to a 10 shoe...) and needs to be padded well...

    I think basically what I want is a trainer that looks as much like a work shoe as possible... Have tried wearing my trainers but been told off - so for my health I actually need a pretty decent shoe.

    Can anyone help me out? Any idea where I could find something like that?


    Anywhere..............i take a size 12 shoe and i buy them from all the usual shops.

    You should be able to get a doctors note allowing you to wear trainers?


    have you tried clarks? they do wider fitting, also alot of shops now do different widths

    Those croc shoes might be good.
    They're wider and taller and supposed to be really comfortable. I know you can get the "professional" ones too, which look abit more normal (in black) I know some people hate the look of them though, so good luck!

    im a size 12 and also find some makes of shoes quite narrow. Most nike trainers i have to get 13s due to the narrow fit but the best ones to look for is a skate type shoe like DC, Vans or Osiris. If you go for the black suede ones they can actually look quite formal and they are made really wide and have a lot of padding.

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    Thanks for the advice and suggestions guys... have been told to check out hush puppy's at Clarks so gonna give that a try. Got a pair out of George and they seemed comfortable while trying them on, but after a few hours they felt like a boa constructor wrapped around my feet :lol:

    Ahh i'll get there in the end...thanks guys

    I've got the same problem, the most compfortable 'shoes' I own are a pair of black Lonsdale trainers (S13). For work though I needed safety boots or similar (used to work in a warehouse) and after many false starts I bought a pair of Timberland trainers from an Ebay seller, was so impressed I bought another pair for when the 1st wore out (yeah right lol). So I would recommend you have a look here :…tml

    Definately NOT cheap but they are so well made and roomy it's beyond belief.

    harrods, selfridges,house of fraser should have good trainers.
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