Need new Vented Tumble Dryer

Found 2nd Oct 2009
Right, the old electric tumble dryer has given up after more than 7 years and I need a new one before I run out of clothes. I'm looking to spend in the £100-£300 range, anyone know of some good deals? Not looking for a condenser, and I need installation as well as delivery. And I'm in Fife, KY12 area.

As always, rep for those who help.
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i got mine from comet a few months a go i think i only payed £139 and that was a 6kg load so check comet see wpt they got and sometimes you can take it away there and then
Asda have free delivery on some of their driers at the moment, might be worth checking out.
Asda does have free delivery (as did Comet on certain dryers) but Asda doesn't do install. I wanted instalation as it's a tight fit and I won't be able to recieve it (TheWife isn't going to be able to handle it). As it is I went into my local Comet and now have delivery on the 1 model the right size they had in stock for delivery/install Sunday afternoon. I'm not that pleased with it, but it was immediately available and TheWife wanted it nowest. :roll:


Anyhow, I now theoretically own a dryer I'm not that happy about the price, build quality or capacity because I was silly enough to go to the shop with TheWife. Also ended up buying a dryer for the mother-in-law that I had no idea she needed that I'm sure I paid more for than I needed to.

So call me sucker. Thanks for you help folks, but I'm done with the dryer needs (until this pos I bought dies).
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