need operating system for laptop

    My hubbies laptop was hacked and they have cleared everything from his dell laptop - we have 320gb of free space now.
    Geek Squad checked and couldn't recover anything.
    I would be grateful of any advice on replacing the operating system, and before you all ask we can'tfind the back up disk!!!!!!!

    laptop is 3yrs old

    thanks guys


    Try ubuntu.

    Just google ubuntu or linux and away you go.

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    dell usually have a factory reset on their models, i have a desktop and on the black start up screen if i press ctrl + f11 together then it brings a hidden partition up and asks me if i wish to restore my operaing system, its worth a try!

    Perhaps buy a Windows license from somewhere like CEX. Use another machine to download the hardware drivers for your model of machine, and load them onto the wiped one via the CD drive - or possibly USB if Windows can find the right drivers for USB

    Buy one then, I very much doubt it got hacked to that level, someone has done something to it and is afraid to own up, although to do a low level format and then to overwrite the data enough times to make it unrecoverable by mistake is going some ! Or Google it.

    Geek Squad don't sound too great if they wiped ya laptop. Most data is recoverable even if the drive was wiped.

    Contact ya Laptop manufacturer you can probably buy the recovery dvd from them if you have lost it. Some will even supply it for free.

    The product key for the operating system should be on a sticker under the laptop. So just get a copy of the version of windows it had and bob's your uncle.

    Assuming it was running Windows before!

    Vista Home Premium will be the best for a machine of that age but it's gonna cost ya !

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    Thanks guys for all your help

    I will ask dell before I do anything about the recovery disk,

    the geek squad didn't delete anything they inserted a recovery disk and said that we don't even have an operating system anymore.

    We were watching football on a live stream and someone asked permission to access laptop, we clicked no 3 times then the computer started to go funny and wouldn't open up anymore after that.
    It won't respond to anything being pressed - won't go past Fast Build screen.

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    Definitely try ubuntu

    my old laptop is probably 6 years old and runs latest ubuntu really well.

    If you just use the laptop for web and light stuff ubuntu is brilliant even for relative beginners

    get a dell disk ( vista/7) if its new. the serial number is stored in the bios so you wont need it

    p.s geek squad at cpw are useless.

    3 years old means its probably vista home premium

    google "torrent vista home premium dell" and your good to go
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    Most likely the Master Boot Record (MBR) has been over-written preventing detection of the OS. Try using a Linux Boot recovery disk and repairing the MBR. If not, you should still be able to recover any of your important files.
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