Need passport advice - ASAP!

Found 4th Aug 2008
Long story cut short, my 10 month old son has no passport, we go on holiday in a week.

Phoned up and offered to go to London to get one, told to wait at least a week then apparently it takes another week as he's a baby.

So, any way to get one? Willing to pay!
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it does state on website - you can get 1 in a day - premium prices - you need to make an appointment…984

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) recommends you apply through your nearest Post Office. They can check you have filled out your application form correctly and that you have the right documents - this may save time. You will usually have the passport in two weeks.

If you apply by post, the IPS aims to deal properly completed and straightforward applications in three weeks. This does not include applications for the replacement of lost, stolen or damaged passports.

If you come to an IPS office to apply in person the IPS provides a guaranteed one-day service (premium) and a guaranteed one-week service (fast track). If you would like to use these new guaranteed services you must make an appointment by calling the Passport Adviceline on 0870 521 0410. The one-day (premium) service is not available for customers applying for the first time or for those applying to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport.

Whichever application route you choose you are advised not to make travel arrangements until the passport has arrived.

Apply for a passport online (opens new window) Find your nearest IPS High Street Partner office (opens new window) Find your nearest IPS office (opens new window)

hope you get sorted -:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hope this works out - as this will be the kids 1st passport, it appears the premium (same day) service does not apply, however you may be eligible for the fast track service (1 week).…asp

Check the 'First Child Section' under fees.

Good luck with the application - you will still need to visit the office in person - hope you don't depart until 7 days time.

My passport was issued to me within four days, if I recall correctly. Admittedly, I'm not a baby, but this was still in June, and it should neatly demonstrate how fast the passport office can be when they want to be. They can be excellent.

I can't offer any advice other than that of asking super-nicely, but I do wish you the best of luck with it all.
Some info but it wont help your current situation:-

What documents will I need?

To apply for a baby passport you will need a completed application form, an original copy of your baby's full birth certificate (this will be returned to you with the passport), 2 certified passport photos (signed on the reverse by a 'professional' that has known you personally for at least 2 years, this person will also need to sign the passport application form) and proof of one parent's nationality or immigration status such as their passport, birth certificate or a Home Office certification of their registration.

What kind of photo is needed?

As with adult passports, there are strict standards applied to the photographs accepted for baby's passports. Guidelines include:[LIST]
[*]The photo's must be 'professionally printed', 45mm in height and 35mm in width.
[*]Photo's must be taken against a plain, off white, light grey or cream background so that your baby's features are easily distinguishable.
[*]The photographs must be of your baby on their own with no dummies, toys or people in view. This can be easier said than done as your hands aren't even allowed to be in the picture so it can be a good idea to place a white towel over your baby's car seat and sit them on this when they're in the photo booth.
[*]The whole of your baby's face must be displayed in the photos and infants over 6 months of age must have their eyes open. If at all possible your baby should have their eyes looking towards the camera and mouth closed however the IPS do appreciate that this can be difficult and so will sometimes make exceptions.[/LIST]
And they are very fussy about the pictures so this site will help :-…aby above sorry mate. First passport for kids is a problem. Make sure you definately have a compliant piccy - no shadows / plain background etc or they will simply not do it. I also think you still need a 'professional' person to sign the back 'true likeness etc'. I understand London office is very busy (processing all those passports that were recently nicked probably lol) - tried Newcastle? i definately think your only real cahnce is to phone , explain and pitch up at a processing office.

Very best of luck
In 2002 (dunno if it's different now) it suddenly occured to us that we didn't have a passport for our daughter and needed one to go away.

This would be your best shot, but a lot of work:
Complete the form and get photos and countersignature (and any relevant papers you need) and just get down to the office as early in the day as you can (even if they tell you on the phone that they don't have any appointments). You will see someone on the front desk and you need to give them a sob story about you forgot, say your really sorry but your desperate, a family member is not well out there and you need to go ASAP blah blah blah and they should give you an appointment to see someone later in the day. This is the hard part, getting them to agree to let you have an play it good.

Then when you have the appointment, as long as everything is in order then they will get the passport ready for you same evening.

Like I say, it will be hard work and a long day and will be more expensive but it worked then for my daughters first passport and also worked in March this year to get a replacement passport same day for my daughter.

Hope this helps and wish you all the best :thumbsup:

EDIT: Re post before mine - Don't bother with phoning them, they won't do anything
Thanks for all the advice, have managed to get an appointment for Thursday meaning the wife and son no.2 will join me and son no.1 about 3 days late on our holiday, the first few days are just travelling anyway so she still gets 2 weeks decent holiday.

Feeling much better now!
I had one for my baby last year, it was straight forward for them ie parents both British passport holders, I am sure, on a normal service this time of year, we got it back within the week. They just give you worst case scenario. Depends on which day you are flying nexr week. Good luck

Thanks for all the advice, have managed to get an appointment for … Thanks for all the advice, have managed to get an appointment for Thursday meaning the wife and son no.2 will join me and son no.1 about 3 days late on our holiday, the first few days are just travelling anyway so she still gets 2 weeks decent holiday.Feeling much better now!

Hope you have a happy holiday.
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