Need PC Dual Screen Help

    Hi all just put a Nvidia FX 5500 in my pc and got my tv hooked up through dvi. The problem is im trying to play FM 2008 on my tv but it wont work. If I play it in windowed mode I can drag it onto the tv and its fine but it wont play full screen for some reason.

    Any ideas?



    change your video settings so that the TV mimics the computer screen, it sounds as it you have it set as 'Extend my monitor onto this screen'.

    This will of course mean that you cannot use the laptop as normal while its full scren on the TV, so i guess this advice will only work in a senario where you are only interested in getting full screen on the telly.

    It won't play at full screen because fullscreen apps always default to the primary output device, which is the screen the BIOS and other such bootup related things appear on. It's easily fixed - go to the nVidia control panel, select 'Set Up Multiple Displays', and under the bit where it says 'Select the display you want Windows to use as primary', select your TV.
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