Need pda or phone to go online anywhere!

    Went into 02 shop looking for an iphone, the guy got snotty if I asked the same question twice, as we both found it hard understanding his strong Chinese accent...I awredee towl yooo thaaaat.
    Upshot is I want a phone or pda that I can get online with in the middle of a field at a reasonable speed. Without paying through the nose. There is phone signal there. I heard vodafone do free on contract. But I just don't understand these things, and as previous comments on other threads on this site confirm..DON'T TRUST THE SALESMAN!


    yeah, Vodafone are offering free internet connections with tarrifs over £25. there is a thread ]here or a ]link to the Vodafone site, or call 01635 33251 to speak to Vodafone direct (191 from your Vodafone phone)

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    Thanks, a calls from my modem, sweet! Hopefully get some impartial advice?
    Will add rep
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