Need PS3 game for my niece - looking for in-store deals

Found 22nd Dec 2008
Title pretty much says it all: I thought my niece was getting an Xbox 360 for xmas, so I bought her Viva Pinata 2, but it turns out she's getting a PS3 now. I'll need to get hold of a game for here by tomorrow so can anybody tell me any good deals they know of?

It'll have to be in-store deals, seeing as how close to xmas it is. I was thinking Little Big Planet, but I'd be open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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Little Big is a great start! What age is she? Maybe Valkyria Chronicles if she's a bit older, beautiful strategy RPG, might be a bit involved tho.

Its good she got the PS3, I think the 360 is on it's last legs now, its so cheap
She's 9. But she's not big into video games, so an RPG might be a little bit too involved for her. She likes High School Musical and things like that.

Tbh, I'm a little jealous because I only have a 360 myself and would love a PS3.
I have both and apart from Gears and Left 4 Dead it was a wasted purchase, might punt it.

Well get Singstar anyway! If she has the Singstar PS2 games you can load up Singstar for the PS3, then put in the PS2 games and play the songs on that!

Also 'Lego Indiana Jones' is £14.99 on Play just now, won't arrive for xmas but my girlfirend liked that a lot.

Isn't there a Disney: Sing It game? It's sold out on Play but I think it's out now...
Apart from that I would open her a PSN account online, and add maybe £20 credit so she can download a few games! Elefunk being one she might enjoy but I'm sure she can buy certain songs for Singstar on the store... there are other great PSN games now but off the top of my head I can't think of many a younger girl might like.

These are just recommendations I havent ventured 'In-store' yet and I really dont want to

Oh Yeah Puzzle Quest is on the PSN store for £15.99
Try Sonic Unleashed I Think Its In Game For £19.99 And Spyro The Dragon I Think Thats £19.99 In Store To
I think i saw sing it ( or a name similar to that) with mics in blockbuster for £19.99 including mics.
It was the high school musical 3 edition which i thought was quite cheap. ( it's basically the same as singstar but songs from singstore don't work(correct me if i'm wrong))

But yes , singtar is a good start , and so is little big planet.
Sing it sounds like a good idea. I'll call my local Blockbusters tomorrow to see if they have it in stock.

Thanks guys.
I just called my local blockbuster and they told me that Sing It is £35. Must have gone up in price.
It's not the best PS3 game by a long way, but you could do worse than pick up a copy of Golden Compass for £5.99 in Zavvi :thumbsup:
I ended up with Madagascar 2. HSM and even Wall-E were sold out at the shop I went to. Hope she likes it, but I doubt she will. I'll probably swap it for her after Xmas, get her something she really likes.
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