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Found 28th Jun 2007
I recently got myself a Pentax K100d, about which several deals have been posted on this forum, and which is a great entry-level dSLR.

Now I need something to put it in.
I saw the hotukdeals.com/for…pro great deal for the Lowepro Rezo bag at Curry's, but I would like something a bit bigger.
I travel a bit, and would like to have a bag which could house my camera, 1-2 extra lenses as well as serve as a carry-on luggage (space for a couple of books, mp3 player, documents, a bottle of duty-free liquor )

I really like Crumpler brand shoulder bags, but the large ones tend to be unreasonably expensive.
I'm also considering a Lowepro Slingshot 200AW (£40 at Tecno.co.uk). the thing is, while it loks like a nice bag, it seems all the space in it is compartmentalised for lenses etc... so I couldn't really use it to carry anything else.

I'm looking to spend no more than £30-40.

Any fellow photography amateurs out there with some advice for me?


Hi mate,

I recently acquired a DSLR with 2 lenses and needed a bag to put it in. I ordered the Pretty Boy Maxi XL from Crumpler through [url]www.warehouseexpress.com[/url]. It's not cheap at £42 but it is extremely well made, water proof, lifetime guarantee and looks good too! It also has a padded shoulder strap.

Dont be fooled by the sizes on the website as they are a lot smaller than they make out. I couldnt fit my DSLR, battery pack and 2 lenses in the Medium bag, so sent it back and got the XL. It's a much better size and has a compartment in the front for accessories as well. Very highly recommended!

Hope that helps.

PS I had a lowepro bag before and although it was very good, the crumpler is a much nicer and more sturdy feeling bag.

Take a look at Argos they have some camera bags on offer.

Original Poster

(Belated) thanks for your responses, guys!

I considered both lowepro and crumpler bags, but ended up getting a used "mystery" bag off e-bay, and I'm quite happy with it for the price.
These top-brand camera bags really are grossly overpriced - the amount of marketing the companies get up to, to sell their new, unnecessary and barely improved models is astounding.
I can appreciate how a professional photographer would want an indestructible bag for his £10000 worth of gear, but on my budget I would rather spend £100 on a decent prime lens than a bag to put it in.

Pity I didn't see this before. All of the camera magazines do free subscription gifts when you subscribe for a minimum of 3 months. 90% of the time you can get a lowepro bag worth £30-40. Other times it's a monopod or something else quite useful.

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Hmm, I might want something like this (I was thinking a shoulder bag to complement my backpack would be nice, and a tri/monopod is always useful. I've been putting together a worryingly comprehensive dSLR kit from scratch over the past 2 weeks or so - it all satrted with the k100d. Then I needed more lenses, then filters, now a bag, tripod, a bounce flash will surely come along at some point, SD cards, it doesn't stop)

What photography magazine would you reccommend?
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