Need reccomendations on a half decent android tablet

    Ive got a few really long shifts coming up and need a tablet to help me pass the time. Can you reccommend a decent budget android tab with a 7"-8" screen that will run most games and apps smoothly


    I bought my boy a HUDL2 the other month. It seems to be exactly the same as my girls Nexus 7.

    HUDL2 is amazing! the best thing next to an IPAD - Plus think Tesco still have the deal on here!

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    been looking at the HUDL2 tbh but wasnt sure if there were any deals going on anything else thats as good

    Iv heard the HUDL2's are good but after my experience with HUDL1 (Constant Wifi drop out and low signal even when in same room as the router) I bought a Chromebook this time round im so glad i did, its as light and portable as a tablet so u can chuck it in your bag. Battery lasts ages, its fast. Looks good.......Cant go wrong.

    ive had a hudl 1 and now got a hudl 2.The worst thing for me about the 1st one was that two of mine stopped charging, so i refused to take another replacement and was offered the upgrade to the 2nd version which i said no as i didnt want to pay the £50 difference.

    The employee then proceeded to help me out by asking if i would consider it for £25 while pointing at a leaflet on the desk which turned out to give £20 off electricals, therefore in effect the upgrade cost me a fiver. I walked away a happy chappy.

    Now just to find out what the common problems are with the 2nd gen Hudl.

    Other half bought herself a HUDL2 using Clubcard vouchers doubling up - Bang for buck I would say its the best value for money out there once you take into account ease of return and potential discounts (Your clubcard vouchers are worth double the amount, and there is a £20 off code kicking around here)

    Two words of warning.
    1. Cases are an extortionate price... Cheapest case in tesco was £12 for a POS £2 silicone backing.
    2. You will need to change the launcher to make it a "vanilla" andriod tablet - Just go into the Google Play store and search "Google Launcher" ... done in 5min.


    HUDL2 is amazing! the best thing next to an IPAD - Plus think Tesco still … HUDL2 is amazing! the best thing next to an IPAD - Plus think Tesco still have the deal on here!

    Don't be misled on the above, whilst the Hudl 2 is a very good tablet and to be fair possibly an 'exceptional' one for £109 you can't really compare it to an iPad or any of the premium Android tablets.

    With the possible exception of the Amazon Fire HDX I very much doubt you can get better for circa £100.

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    is the yoga 2 worth the extra over the hudl2? i like the idea of a fixed kick stand…AIT

    Ive got this and it seems to be good value, although you do need to resort to almost single finger punching of the keyboard as its that small, it prevents the touchscreen keyboard form popping up when plugged in. The only downside i can see so far is that you can't use the keyboard and charge the Hudl at the same time as the mini USB connector is taken up by the keyboard.

    If you've got Clubcard vouchers, Hudl 2 is a no-brainer. Nexus 7 is the only other tablet to consider IMHO.

    samsung tab 3

    Hudl 1 or if your feeling flush Hudl 2

    My youngest has the Hudl 1. Just bought the Hudl 2 for my parents christmas. Great pieces of equipment
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