Need recommendations for kitchen knives (set or individual)

Posted 13th Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 23 m ago)
Looking for something decent to cut meat that will last a good while. Have quite of few amazon promos to use and this is something I actually need. Was thinking of investing in one of those Japanese knives but dont know a thing about them and not to mention fakes on amazon

Also looking for something for general use.

For fruit/veg this is my all time favourite had ours for more than a decade now.
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    Do you have a Zwilling store near you? I've been looking into this recently and picked up a Miyabi knife on offer for Black Friday. I've only used it a couple of times so far but it's very nice. From what I've heard online you can't abuse Japanese knives in a similar way to other knives because they are prone to chipping with improper use.

    Have you considered sharpening your existing knives rather than buying replacements?

    Most of the "Japanese" knives sold on Amazon aren't actually Japanese, they just follow a similar design or use Japanese steel. Also check out Reddit r/chefknives, where there's plenty of advice regarding knifes. (edited)
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    Victorinox Fibrox is generally agreed by the geeks on the Chef Knives Reddit sub to be by far and away the best bang for buck knives, so strongly recommend them.
    You can get prettier knives, knives with harder steel, man made knives etc which will cost you more, but if you just want great quality knives that will last a decade or three, the Fibrox fit the bill perfectly. And then get a stone to sharpen them on - Shapton Pro 1000 will be all you ever need unless you want to geek out on sharpening.
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    Bought Global knives from them directly last year for me son, and a sharpening device, well worth the money - don't use any of the other knives I own, these ones are too good!
    Certainly not bad knives, but you can can get better for your money. Marketing is the main thing that Global have going for them.
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    Global Knives are the GOATS
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    I would recommend Io Shen Mastergrade knives, personally. I was recommended them many many years ago by an elite level chef when I was toying with becoming a professional chef after I dropped out of university. They are relatively expensive, but they are absolutely wonderful and my set is still going strong about 20 years after I first bought them. All good knives need care and attention but a really good set - that combines a cleaver, a 6" chef's knife and a smaller, multi-purpose blade like their paring knife will cover all bases for about £280 and last a lifetime.
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    8" chef knife+ Chinese Cleaver + Kitchen siccsor are most commonly used in my kitchen.…1-6

    My Chinese Cleaver was bought from my local Asian supermarket about 15 yeara ago. It is stainless steel look like this (edited)
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    Global knives and invest into a sharpening stone.
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