Need reliable PVR - please help

    We had a TVonics freeview box which packed up after 12 months & 2 weeks (fortunately a very good retailer still gave a refund).
    We bought a replacement Sharp and after 3 months that has packed up on us as well (so that's going back also!)

    We need twin tuner, series link & pause/rewind live tv. But most importantly it needs to last (we use it mainly to record the very few kiddy programs that the children watch and we are gutted to keep lose the recordings whenever these boxes give up the ghost)

    Min 250GB hard drive. We don't care about HD

    Budget £100 - can anyone recommend anything??

    Any help will be greatly appreciated


    Not sure on the prices but humax are the way to go, have had 2 of them in my house for 2 years and one for about 1.5 years. Very reliable and very easy to use.


    Humax 9200T or 9300T

    They're all pretty unreliable. TVonics, Humax and Topfield are the better ones.

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    Thanks all!!

    Looking at Humax Direct they have the 9200 and 9150 - is one better than the other?

    The 9200 seems to have a usb port on it.

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    The 9200 seems to have a usb port on it.

    Stupid question I know, but what would I need a USB port for??


    Stupid question I know, but what would I need a USB port for??

    It says on the site you can transfer stuff to your pc with it.

    With USB2.0, Duovisio allows MPEG A/V file transfer between Duovisio and a PC. Duovisio allows the viewer to enjoy digital photos on a large TV screen or to listen to MP3 files downloaded from a PC.
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    I see - sounds a bit to complicated for me but thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated

    Very pleased with 9150 for £86 next day delivery so far.

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    Ordered the 9150 - hope it lasts longer than the other boxes!

    Thanks for all the help.
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