need reusable Pop In Napppies

    we're expecting our first baby in 2 months, and the wife is interested in getting some reusable nappies such as the close parent one in the below link…asp

    does anyone know of a cheap supplier?


    its worth having contacting your local council as i know here in norfolk they give you a grant towards buying reusables (as part of green initative) i think is like £40-50 or something but its all money off. [url][/url] is a very good website excellent c/services and they price promise. maybe something like these…asp

    totsbots are very nice espec the bamboozle ones they are made from bamboo and are unbeleiveably soft.. or bambino mio…asp

    these packs have 48 nappies for £200 which is very cheap plus liners & covers, everything you need birth to potty .

    Check this out.....…aby
    Get in there quick though..... not long left on these deals
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