Need some A4 colour documents printing - Cheapest possible

    I'm looking at getting either 50 or 100 coloured documents printed. All the same. Does anyone know where I could get this done at a decent price ? I looked on ebay and was over £20 for 100.

    It's team sheets for a football team and will be given away for free, so needs to be as cheap as possible.

    Thanks in advance


    not really what your looking for but if you buy a instant ink printer you get 3 months of printing 300 sheets per month with it , and if you get a referral code off someone you get 4 months, so that is 1500 sheets for 34.99 pounds, 0.023p per sheet.…374

    I'd try or I've used both and would recommend both. Alternatively Staples (now Office Outlet) do printing and copying.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies. I'll check them out.

    If you have children (Or if one of the team has them) chuck the school a few pounds and ask them .
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