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Found 25th Aug 2009
Hi All
I need some advice about how to get a teaching job,any thing will do as long as its part time and regular,i.e.some hours every day.Originally I am from Asia with Masters and B.Ed and M.Ed.In UK I have acquired a NARIC and CRB clearance but still i am not successful. I tried to find a volunteer work but was not successful as well,but i would prefer a job(which pays because am in a bit of a financial state.) So can some one advice me.Ideally I currently am looking for job in Manchester longsight area, but any thing with in Manchester will do I guess.
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getting ur degrees verified by NARIC wont do any good

You need to have QTS
Take a look on here, lots of useful info and advice.…spx

May be worth signing on at an agency or taking your CV to some schools to work as a TA, this would also help with gaining some experience,but as Capricornianz said you do need QTS.Some independent schools may employ you witout it but not many.
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