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Found 23rd Nov 2009
Hi. Just over 2 weeks ago, I ordered a dvd boxset from, and after reading a post on here last night, I suspect the items sold on this site are fake. It was ordered on 7th November and as at now it hasn't arrived. The delivery info on the site suggests it could take a few weeks by the sound of it! I paid using Paypal and last night I decided to open a 'non receipt' dispute . The seller, one Andy Byard, has responded to the 'non receipt' claim and simply quoted info about delivery from the website. I am waiting for a further response from him, but in the meantime, what should I do if the 'said' boxset turns up with the postman? Would I be best advised to refuse the delivery if I suspect the contents are counterfeit? Any advice or sharing of recent previous experiences would be helpful, thanks. How did I get myself into this mess?!!


Looks a bit dodgy imo as there is no proper telephone or address info. Which I believe is illegal in the UK, also it does state they're not in the UK which accounts for the long delivery time however looking at the prices I would suspect they're counterfeit too.

You can refuse delivery which means it will be returned to the seller at no extra cost to either you or the seller.

I just had a lion king dvd delivered from today and decided to do a search as it is a car boot fake. Needless to say the chances of getting any cash back are going to be impossible, but perhaps by posting on here other people won't get caught out.


I recently purchased the lion king dvd from this site and although only purchased recently whjen trying to contact 7 by email, no answer! After reading what you guys put I have a really bad feeling that I have been fleeced. Is there not anything that can be done about these people? it makes me so angry!!!

DONT use 7entertainment xxxx

we whois'd it before.


I just had a lion king dvd delivered from today and … I just had a lion king dvd delivered from today and decided to do a search as it is a car boot fake. Needless to say the chances of getting any cash back are going to be impossible, but perhaps by posting on here other people won't get caught out.

Did you sign for it:whistling:did you pay via Paypal.

OP has it actually been despatched,have you asked them to cancel it ?

I'm afraid you are unlikely to have any success whatsoever, 7entertainment sell fake DVDs under a domain, but are based in Thailand. Their website terms and conditions state:

"We are not a UK based business, we have no connection with the UK whatsoever and we maintain a domain name for the benefit of our UK customers who usually like to shop on a website that is priced in UK Pounds. This is important, not only because your goods are coming half way around the world by airmail but also because if you choose to return goods then you can expect the return postal costs to be more than a first class stamp."

I purchased the Lion King from 7entertainment and it turned out to be fake. I raised a complaint through Pay Pal and Andy Byard from 7entertainment denied that it is fake, however the poor quality inkjet print on the DVD sleeve and lack of Disney hologram gave it away in seconds.

7entertainment said that they will give a refund if I return it by a 'signed for' service (not signed for = never received in situations like this), and International Signed for by Royal Mail costs over £49, which WILL NOT be refunded or covered by 7entertainment.

Pay Pal state that they can only reverse the payment in cases of non delivery, and no-one in the UK seems to have any jurisdiction over dodgy overseas websites with domains selling counterfeit goods. The whole system stinks and these scammers have found an almost untouchable way of fleecing us.

My sympathies to those who have been scammed, maybe someone has an idea of what can be done to get some kind of justice? I've tried BBC Watchdog by the way, and got an automated reply, maybe if they get enough complaints they might take action?

I cannot believe there is nothing we can do! I ordered "The Lion King" for my daughter for Christmas as i could not find it anywhere else. I am fuming! I phoned trading standards but apparantly the sale is covered by Thailand Law, not UK law. I was told to raise a dispute with paypal but by the sounds of reading this forum, i am wasting my time. I mean they could at least make an effort to hide the fact it's a copy! I think my 3 year old could do a better job. The quality of the covers were poor!

I really hope that website gets shut down. I will keep on at paypal and also seek advice from the citizens advice bureau as £14.99 is a lot of money when you have two young children. I'll keep posting IF i get anywhere with this. In the meantime hope you all have a good christmas.

Note: If it's too good to be true then it probably is.

I too have ordered Lion King - its not come yet but Im expecting the worse if an when and oes arrive.

What annoys me is that if you google 'lion king dvd' the 7entertainment site is the top search result. Why don't google do any vetting of the websites that they are promoting???

I'll make another post if and when the lion king turns up.

OMG wish i'd read these postings before I ordered!!::
Yep, I too have bought a much sought after LIon King DVD & as soon as I opened it could tell it was a copy - the print quality is so poor.
I emailed the Co & was surprised to recieve a reply, I wasnt surprised that they obviously denyied this was a copy. They said I could return it by registered post. Well - 1st how much will that cost & 2nd, if you check out the details on Royal Mail, a parcel is only tracked until it leaves the UK & they are unable to provide a copy signature -so whats the point? I would hazard a guess that this Co knows the loophole & could easily deny receiving the return.
So do I write off £15 as a lesson learned or risk losing another £7 by trying to return. I have filed a dispute with paypal but as seen on a previous posting - expecting they will only take it on if not recieved - TAKE NOTE the answer is to claim it was never recieved, my mistake was emailing the company & admitting I had got it.
Surely Trading Standards should be able to close them down for using a UK name??

Purchased the Lion King on 25th November 2009 hoping to get it for Christmas.
Now having read these threads all I can do is put this down to being a wiser person and realise that if a price is too good to be true --it probably is!

Just an update on my own progress:

After PayPal closed my complaint stating that 'Claims for items that are "Significantly not as described" will not be covered', I escalated matters by making a complaint directly against PayPal themselves, as they are facilitating the illegal counterfeiting activities of [url][/url]. I will let you know if I get anywhere.

Furthermore, I am asking my credit card company to reverse the transaction to PayPal, known as a "chargeback", which apparently you are entitled to do for items "Significantly Not As Described" within 120 days. I dont remember [url][/url] [go on, Google, pick this reference up as well ] describing the items as "The Lion King - Counterfeit"!

According to PayPal's terms and conditions for sellers, this should also have the added benefit of PayPal charging Andy Byard a further £7.00 admin fee.

I have compalined to BBC Watchdog again, this time about PayPal turning a blind eye to illegal activites, and even to the UK based company who hosts [url][/url] [ what?? ] who said it's a matter for the Police. Thanks a bunch, [url][/url]

I tell ya, this just makes me madder, I'm making it a pet project of mine to get something done.

Incidentally, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but as the goods are sent by a standard service (ie non-signed for) if you haven't compalined as yet CLAIM NON-DELIVERY. PayPal cover that, apparently.

Here is a copy of what I sent to watchdog and the trading standards:

Dear Sir / Madam

Today I ordered a DVD of the Lion King from as I have been looking everywhere for one so was naturallyI pleased to find one on their site. It said on the website that it was "the genuine Disney 2 Disc Special Edition, please do not confuse it with cheaper single disc editions offered online by some retailers." And they also have a secure payment logo and "100% Money back guarantee".

as you see from the page link I have pasted below -…376

I paid via paypal as I always presumed I would be safe of any 'cons' this way. Once paypal mailed me (within 30 seconds) I saw that the payment was going to someone called Andy Byard. This alerted me to google his name as I felt it strange that a company would take payments payable to an individual. Much to my horror I discovered the website below:…co-

I immediately went to my paypal account but was unable to cancel payment as it had already been 'completed'!! The information on the above link should show you what kind of company I have been unfortunate enough to deal with and I am not expecting to recieve legitimate / Genuine goods. If I recieve counterfeit goods what are my rights? as apparently paypal do not protect you as regards to this, only non reciept!

I feel that it is worth reading the other people's comments on the above link as I feel 7entertainment needs to be stopped from taking money for counterfeit goods.

I trust you will support me in this matter

Oh Dear - I'm dismayed as I've just offered this for my daughter's 18th as she no longer has a video recorder....
Why oh why didn't I look here first?

doh!!! ive just ordered i didnt think of looking here first

So I foolishly returned my DVD to 7Entertainment thinking that I would get my money back (the DVD was obviously a fake) and (surprise, surprise) it has been 'lost in the post' and never arrived back to them. So now I have lost my money, my DVD and paid for the return postage. Paypal should be ashamed to allow retailers like this use their service.

I have only just found these postings! I bought a DVD boxset in October but only realised when it turned up that it was a fake/Thailand copy.

I emailed them and asked for a refund & they gave me a returns address. I paid £10 to return the dvd using a tracking & signed service, and still they say they havent received it back so can't refubd my money.

I think its disgusting as it looks like a proper website so i'm sure they con alot of people!

Do not use 7!!

I ordered Toy Story 10th Annerverssary edition yesterday via PayPal (Visa) and although a bit suspicious about the price I just thought it was a bargain especially as a site in £'s!!!!

From what I read you should tell PayPal that the DVD was never received but use it anyway poor quality or not it may at least be OK(ish) for the kids. (Of course I won't do this just speculation)

If you did this it may be better than simply losing the fee paid and depending on how you proceed you may also get your cash back from PayPal as non received or from VISA protection. (Some may feel their justified to Con the conman I guess)

What a bunch of Shitbags. :x

Hi, I'm afraid I've got to add further to this story about I ordered a single Lion King DVD in November, then found their triple Lion King DVD pack 10 minutes later so ordered that and tried to cancel the 1st one. I received both eventually but one of the triple pack didn't work. They said they'd send me a replacement and their emails got increasingly shirty and rude. Last week I received a 2nd replacement for the faulty DVD but that also didn't work. Their emails are appaulingly rude - I'm dumbfounded by their total lack of customer care. However I have managed to get their address .... here it is....

Postnet 021
94 M.4
Lamphang Road
Chiang Mai

I'm very concerned about returning the faulty DVD they say they tested themselves so it's perfect, plus the one I've got as duplicate, in case I don't get a refund..... good luck everyone. I don't intend to give up yet!

Thank you for your detailed information about this website. Unfortunately like yourself I had also completed a transaction with them through PayPal. I take the view that the fact that the PayPal logo is displayed prominently on this website gives it a seal of authenticity which is misleading to say the least. Having read what was said on this forum, I decided that there was no point in entering into any correspondence whatsoever with the individual Andrew Byard so I filed a claim with PayPal. This was of course closed immediately for the reason stated by you that I had completed this transaction out with ebay. I have been trying to continue my email correspondence with PayPal on the basis that they are continuing to aid and abett criminal activity, namely the sale of counterfeit DVDs and by allowing this website access to the accounts of other PayPal customers they are part of an ongoing crime. I know that there is no hope of any money back but I would be relieved to know that PayPal was doing the right thing by disassociating themselves from this website thus ensuring that other PayPal customers are not being defrauded.

I have contacted FACT with the details of my purchase which also was a pirated version.

You can fill in a report form and hopefully FACT will investigate and get them shut down.…htm

Here is the anti-piracy unit contact details for Disney.

The Walt Disney Company
Corporate Legal/AntiPiracy Group
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521
E-mail: [email protected]

I was caught out by and I'm so angry because of Paypal. I'd never used them before and only trusted the company because it was Paypal- I too assumed that the fact that the PayPal logo is displayed prominently on this website gives it a seal of authenticity. I've complained to Paypal and they've sent me the most confusing e-mail; (which is all about e-bay) it basically says they won't do anything and I have to contact the seller. That's Andy Byard or Andrew Byard who denies it's a fake. I should have said I hadn't received the DVD and got my money back that way. BUT that's not the only point- the point is that PAYPAL are allowing this to happen, the are helping this company out- without them I would not have trusted this site without checking it out, even though it has a domain.
I have contacted FACT and will be sending them the DVD, I have contacted Trading Standards and Crimestoppers. I am writing to Watchdog as well. The DVD was LOST season 5 and the cover was a very poor photocopy of the box set. I've never been caught out before and feel everyone needs to be made aware that Paypal are neither safe nor fair.


I just bought Lion King off this site, described as Disney original, took 2 weeks to come (from Thailand), DVD plays but it's an obvious fake. Artwork reprinted, Pay pal cannot refund as they only protect buyers on Ebay but they have noted my comments about this site. The more people that log complaints to Pay Pal the better as they will then stop supporting payment on the site.
Don't get ripped off like I did.


Does this site look sinilar?

I have sent off the pacakge to FACT and I had to contact my credit card company for a chargeback as PayPal will only cover for non-recipet which is no good as they send these packages out with registered stickers on maybe those are fake also?…d=1

Conditions of Sale

5. We do not tolerate any form of fraud, all instances of attempted or actual fraud will be reported to the police.

Beyond a joke.

this company also sold me fakes and i have reported them to the copyright holders as well as FACT

I have just received a delivery from OMG what a load of rubbish I found in the box, the artwork on the sleeve is shocking, it looks like it has been hand drawn using coloured pencils.
I emailed them and filed a report with paypal but they sent me a long old email dribbling on about how the dvd's are made in a different factory... but at the end of the day Disney would not let such rubbish be sent out with their name on "FAKE FAKE FAKE". see below for the email from (they must have it set up as a template and have to send it out with pretty much every order.
I will be reporting them to F.A.C.T. as I didn;t order fake dvd's, I was expecting new and genuine.

copy of email from :

"H iStephen

Thank you for contacting 7entertainment with your concerns regarding the
authenticity of a DVD product sold by us.

Whilst most of the text below refers to Disney products the same applies with regards to regional differences with non Disney titles.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that all the
DVDs that we sell are fully licenced by Disney and are totally
authentic imported DVDs.

Often there is confusion when a customer makes comparisons with Disney
DVDs purchased in the UK, these are totally different as they are
manufactured in a different factory.

Imported DVDs will by their very nature will differ from UK or USA
distributed products.

Some of the main differences are listed below:

1/ UK Disney DVDs come in blue plastic boxes with the word Disney
embossed into the plastic inside the box, imported DVDs do not. As a
rule, Imported Disney DVDs sourced from North or Latin America will
come in black plastic boxes whilst Disney DVDs sourced from Asia will
normally come in clear plastic boxes.

2/ Newer UK Disney DVDs have a security hologram on the inner ring of
the DVD, it's only Disney DVDs manufactured in the UK that have this
hologram, no imported DVDs have this security feature regardless of
source, this is not a fault and should not be any cause for concern.

3/ UK Disney DVDs normally have a Disney Hologram on the back or lower
spine of case, there are 4 styles of Disney Hologram of which only 2
are in common use in the UK. By contrast Disney DVDs sourced from
North America or Canada have no disney hologram at all, this is
correct and not a fault. Asian or Latin American Disney DVDs will
normally have a Disney Hologram on the front of the box and not on the
spine or rear, this hologram can be one of three types of Disney

4/ Cover and/or Disc artwork will usually differ between UK versions
and imported versions, and as imported DVDs are made in different
locations around the world there will be multiple differences.

There are of course a multitude of differences between Imported and UK
Distributed versions of a Disney DVD, however the actual movie content
will always be the same, unless it's made clear in the description
that it differs.

I hope this has gone some way to assure you that imports and
counterfeits are not the same, and being different in detail should
not be an issue with so many licenced manufacturers worldwide.

For more information I suggest that you search "Genuine import Disney
DVD" on google and take a look at the top results, ignore eBay guides
though as they are confusing and wholly inaccurate.


Asif Latwal
Customer Support"

In my opinion the above copy email from 7entertainment is "DRIBBLE!!!!"


i also bought a dvd beauty and the beast from 7 entertainment and it is fake im angry upset my 3 year old didnt deserve that the chances of getting those to blame are none. i have learnt form my mistakes hope this will stop other people from ordering from 7 entertainment

i too have just been scammed by this fake company/person! absolutely disgusting! i ordered 4 dvds for my neices birthday on the 24th Jan, her birthday has just gone the 17th feb and still no dvds surprise surprise. emailed this "andy Byard" or whatever his name is who is one of the rudest, un-helpful thing ive ever dealt with! hes quite clearly some idiot with a quick money making scam idea sat at a computer having a laugh! he wont be laughing for long! he tried making out that i hadnt responded to his email quoting he'd asked me a question "FIVE DAYS AGO" in capitals! ive since forwarded him a copy of my response later that day and his subsequent response a few days later, telling me to wait until the end of the week! would it be trading standards id need to speak to does anybody know? any advice? im not giving up on it until i get my money back so any help would be great. Im also going to contact paypal and suggest they stop allowing this fake company to use them. i thought paypal was safe, obviously not. wish id have looked on here first!

The only way you will get your money back is opening a dispute for non-reciept. PayPal don't care that this person is selling fake DVD's.

They even faked Royal Mail signed for stickers on the package. I opened a dispute after I recived the fake copy and insisted that they tell me where the item was shipped from of which was my response everytime they tried to give me some crap story.

They would not answer my question regarding the shipping location and finally caved and paid a refund.

I posted everything off to FACT and contacted Disney of which I suggest anyone who has recived fakes should do.

The more people who report them to FACT will hopefully get this scammer closed down although doing a bit digging they have had several websites with the same Disney movies on under a differnt guise.

Hey ... i ordered true blood series 1 and 2 off them on the 29th of april and havnt got any think as of yet ... i didnt pay using paypal just my visa.. After reading these posts i was trying to sort out cancelling the payments ... they havnt credited my account for any amount and i have contacted my bank and they say they havnt even tried and have no pending payments. they said to ring them if the payment is taken out and they will dispute it and try get me a refund but until then theirs nothing i can do...

This guy is still trading under GlacierDVD, still scamming people! I have been lucky enough to have the transcaction refunded by my bank as I paid by Visa (I recommend this if you have no joy with paypal as the cost of them refunding it outways the cost to them to dispute it) but why should our banks foot the bill for someone that is clearly scamming people. I never opened my copy of The Lion King as I could tell from the cover it was fake but I can't believe this guy is still trading and Paypal are still allowing him to use their service as by law in the UK you have to provide a contact telephone number and trading address to be able to accept payments online
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