Need some advice about gaming pc for my son

    Hi. My son is the owner of an Advent PC that we purchased in March 2007. He is an avid gamer, and is desperate for an upgraded pc with a faster processor and better graphics card. It is his birthday a week on Monday and we agreed he could get a new one but on the condition that he sold this one. About 2 months ago his mate's brother agreed to buy it and as such my son began to plan the purchase of his new pc. Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks this lad has begun to make enquiries about getting a new pc built himself instead of buying my son's. It was only when I spoke to his dad that I found this out - just now in fact! I am so disappointed for my son with his birthday just 9 days away. I just wondered if anyone has any advice about how we could sell his base unit. I have thought of Ebay but wasn't sure if that was the best place. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. He could save his money and wait until Christmas I guess but he had already got plans for his Christmas spend. Thanks for your time, Liz


    Why not just upgrade his existing base unit instead of selling it?

    what spec is it and how much is he looking for to sell it for? you might want to put a add up in your local newsagents or tesco or asda

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    I suggested the upgrade to his existing base unit but he got his heart set on a new unit. He was hoping to sell it for about £250 or so. It has 2gb RAM, 320gb hard drive (I think) and a fairly decent ATI graphics card with hyper memory. It has the usual dvd rewriter and card reader. I bought it for about £420 but we have added the extra 1gb of RAM and the new graphics card. Do you think we should be asking more or is that about right for a second hand base unit. I will chat to him again about upgrading if nothing else materialises. Thanks for your comments. It's good to have buddies!

    could you get the full specs i know this is a pain but will help with your question
    what processor size and make
    is the ram ddr or ddr2
    its the hard drive IDE or Sata
    what type of case its in now

    if i have a better spec machine i wouldn't mind doing a swap/part ex if this helps
    also building your own is some times cheaper than getting one ready to go from the shops


    (I think) and a fairly decent ATI graphics card with hyper memory.

    I'm afraid if it's got 'Hypermemory' then it's almost certainly fairly poor as far as gaming is concerned. If you bought it in march then that was before the HD 2000 range came out so it won't have blu-ray support either (another big reason to go for a PC with a graphics card instead of integrated graphics).

    For a year and a half old PC that was only £420 to begin with £250 might be a bit optimistic, which processor does it have?
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