Need some advice choosing a mobile phone

    ive been looking for a new mobile as i get bored of them very easy.
    im a fan of sony erricsson phones and was considering the k850i or the w880i but been hearing bad things about them an about the keypads on them.

    was thinking of a nokia but they seem pricey for what they are, was looking at the 6500 or the n95.

    dont really like samsungs menu layouts etc.

    anyone with an iphone think they are any good, would hate to pay out a fortune for somthing that didnt live up to the hype.

    so can any1 reccomend me a good phone, with a good camera on it, with good keypad for texting.

    come let me know what phone you have and would you reccomend it


    The N95 (& 8gb version) is a feature rich phone and there are some deals to be had as the replacement comes out this year. Though is a rather bulky phone if you dont mind that kinda thing. Lots of discussion on the iphone big plus points, extremely stylish and innovative, but in general the main disappointment seems with the camera and slow internet access as its not 3g, no gps either.

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    ok thx for that, also forgot to mention im looking for pay and go phone, me and contracts just dont get on lol.

    really interested in a n95, is the camera good, how does it compare to the k800i's 3.2mp

    n95 camera is 5mp.. need i say any more?

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    n95 camera is 5mp.. need i say any more?

    ok, just i was reading reviews on the k850i and people was saying the camera was awfull and was better on the k800i hence my question.

    thanks tho

    get e90

    sweeeeeet, I love it-has bigger wow factor than n95 :-D
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