Need some advice on whether to take this offer for my LoZ games

Hi guys,

Just looking for some advice on an offer that I've received for a couple of games. I have a copy of Legend of Zelda Windwaker with the Master Quest disc and a copy of the Legend of Zelda Collection, both on Gamecube and both sealed with the Nintendo seal. Both from when those games had just come out. Long story short someone has offered me £110 for the two of them.

I bought them intending to play but just never got round to it, and decided to keep them. I am by no means a games collector, but do have a number of rare games and just like to keep them in my small but really quite personal collection. I had never considered selling these two before, but have now received this offer and I am very much on the fence. To be honest I am genuinely not sure how much they are worth, and will need to do some research on that.

Any advice or thoughts on whether I should take this offer are welcome. I don't particularly need the money, if that makes any difference whatsoever.


If someone's offered that now, and you don't need the money - keep em, doubt they'll fire up another production batch of em on a dead format so they can only go up in value over time can't they?

I agree with gringo keep them for yourself we would never sell them if we had them lol, me and the OH are retro computer hoarders x x x

keep them i plead, they will be worth more if kept, also if someone is offering you that much straight away they maybe able to sell them for even more than that, then if it is worth a lot more and your not bothered about keeping them sell them and buy summit you do want, so wish i had those lol

keep us posted though,would like to know the outcome,:)

Sell them, they are just games after all.

£110 for two games that can be picked up failry cheaply (admittedly without seals) is daylight robbery. If someone wants to pay that much for them, then let the silly sods pay
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