Need some advice! Which steering wheel to buy for 360 or PS3??

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Found 1st Jan 2010
As in the title^^ Im looking to buy a steering wheel for either my 360 or my ps3, but I am confused as to which ones are good and worth looking at? What do you guys suggest? Any ideas?



The Thrustmaster T500RS is out soon... officially supported with GT5. Looks amazing!

Thrustmaster T500 RS

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Thrustmaster T500 RS Force Wheel with Feedback (PS3) £449.99 oO

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel (PS3) £265.00 including VAT

Really good steering wheels guys! but im looking for something a little more affordable if you know what I mean


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Hash112 or

Thats more like it
Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel (PS3)

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My limit? hmm im a bit of a tight git:p so i'd say £40 to £80 if im pushing it


My limit? hmm im a bit of a tight git:p so i'd say £40 to £80 if im p … My limit? hmm im a bit of a tight git:p so i'd say £40 to £80 if im pushing it

By all means spend £40 on one if you only want to use it once then put it in the cubby-hole under the stairs and never use it again.


What is your limit?You can try a Ferrari GT Experience Wheel for £29.99

Got the eldest one of these for Christmas to get with GT5 on the PS3 - Trouble is you have to remap the keys/pedals after power down - bit of a pain for a 7 year old.

+1 for GT driving force pro, but buy new, i got mine second hand and its not 100% centered.
theyre like 80 at argos i think

Thrustmaster RGT if you want clutch action or the Driving Force GT. Think you can get the DFGT from Logitech (9% cashback) and 20% off if you: Trade-in as Tinkerbell mentioned. Think it is out of stock elsewhere?
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