Need some camcorder advice, please look in

    I am looking for a camcorder (mini dv) with a budget of around £300.
    I have searched high and low lol and i just can't make my mind up.
    If you have a camcorder please let me know what it's like.
    I'm swaying towards a sony, but don't like the idea of a dock that most seem to have. They cost a lot to replace so i'm told.
    If you have any recommendations please post :thumbsup:


    Baldy - I definitely recommend Sony - best make for camcorders IMHO. :thumbsup: As to any specific model, there are quite a few, so I couldn't specify any one. If you find one you like, post the model no here and we could find you the best price?

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    Thanks emma, this one looked good.
    Sony Handycam DCR-HC44 MiniDV Camcorder


    Thanks emma, this one looked good.Sony Handycam DCR-HC44 MiniDV Camcorder … Thanks emma, this one looked good.Sony Handycam DCR-HC44 MiniDV Camcorder

    Hi baldmonk,

    I had a quick look around for you this morning and came up with a couple of options for you.......

    Cheapest is ]Dixons @ £277 with free p&p, but there are so many discount codes around you could knock quite a bit off that (5% nhs), plus 10% cashback with an egg card, or 3% cashback from Quidco. The egg option would make the potential price £236.84!!

    There's also ]pixmania @ £277 plus £6.90 postage, you should get an extra £12 off that with the discount vouchers around and 3% cashback from Quidco making the potential price £263.75

    Similarly priced are ]Cameras2U @ £277.20 including p&p, with 2% cashabck from Quidco making the potential price £271.66

    I hope this helps?


    That looks about right - good searching CJ. Now all you have to do Baldy is work out which is the cheapest for you, ie. whather you have an egg card or not.

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    Thanks for the info jake
    No egg card, but the dixons deal looks good. Out of stock at the mo, but i'm in no rush.
    Cheers peeps
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