need some dj intro tools and any other tools like accapella's and voice overs

    just bought myself some new decks and wanted some dj tools so i can mix with these,i am playing FUNKY HOUSE,TRANCE & ELECTRO HOUSE.need some dj intros like lil jingles to introduce the start of the mix (about 1 to 2 mins long) plus some accapella's and other bits to fire in between the mix,let me know if u can help me out



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    thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong section :thinking:

    Hi mate,

    If you want to make a voice intr this site is pretty cool.…php

    For acapella's then this site is bob on…php

    Just click the acapellas link at the top of the page

    If you want to buy any vinyl with acapella's, DJ Tools or scratch samples let me know?

    Dan :thumbsup:

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    no need for vinyl mate,need cdr's or mp3s

    Ok mate

    Those two links should be ok for you then

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    cheers,looking for a stand alone cd recorder to complete my recording studio.few on fleabay

    Just connect them upto your line in on you Laptop/pc

    You can then use this free Audacity software to record and edit your mixes and burn them to CD

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    been having bother tho as i only have a mic input,sounding really crackly and distorted dunno what's happening there.

    Laptop or desktop?

    If it's a desktop you can buy a creative audigy sound card with line-in for about £20 from PC world Etc... which would be fine

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    laptop mate,buying a philips recorder on sunday from a guy in edinburgh so i am sorted.

    Ok cool.

    Upload one of your mixes to a hosting site like zshare when you get up and running and PM me a link so I can check it out.

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    will do matey cheers,have u any of urself uploaded?

    Yes mate. Im on my phone at the moment so I can't post a link but if you type DANTHEMANC MUSICV2 into google you with find my site where you can stream/download some of my mixes.

    Let me know what you think of them.

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