Found 12th Mar 2008
I got the Philips HEPC 7511PC, and I added my second hdd (from old pc with just music, videos, games) and Vista decided to do a hdd system error check thing at boot, it deleted 90% of my files, and I couldnt belive it, didnt have a backup, so had 2 start fresh, but I restart just now and its done the same thing, deleted a few mp3s and backup files I had, on my old pc I also had vista installed but with sp1 and it Neva eva done this, anyone know what the hell is going on?

(Ps I hope this is the right place 2 post, sorry if it aint)


It sounds like you need to go into the BIOS and set-up the boot order of the hard disk drives. Basically it sounds like it's trying to run Windows from your old hard drive, so its erroring out.

You can do this by entering the BIOS set-up when the computer starts by tapping either the "delete" key or the "f2" key - it usually tells you in the white text at boot up what key to press.

Just go through the menu's and look for boot order and ensure it is set-up correctly.

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ok thanks man, gonna give this a try, neva had this problem with any pc before

Also make sure the jumpers on the hard disk (black things at the back of the hard drive) are set correctly. One should be set as Master (the main hard disk) and the other should be set as Slave (the secondary backup/storage drive).

If both are set too one or the other, one may work, one might not, both might not work etc.

You could set-up both as CS (cable-select) this should work just fine also. Just go into the BIOS first and ensure that both drives are present and that the boot order is correct.

Good luck.

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Ok, I disabled second hdd from the boot order, Main hdd is sata btw, got second hdd as a slave. I hope it dont do it again, Lost 4 years of stuff

thanks tho man, Left you some rep

As long as you saved the settings in the BIOS it won't do it again so don't worry hehe.

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ok thanks man, I cant belive it tho

Oh.. Your lost files of course..

Don't worry about that, you can get those back.…139

Good luck hehe. Please don't skim read this, you really need to read it as you could make it worse for yourself. If you follow it correctly you can likely get all the files back, and more (you will be surprised). It is a little hard work at times, but once its running it just does it all itself, and its a lot cheaper than taking it to a specialist (they basically just do the same thing but charge you an arm and a leg).

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do u rekon it could be becouse of the cable im using tho? Ultra DMA cable? I used it on my last pc also tho, was fine... I guess it could be the cable itself (had 2, didnt kno which was which, both same design tho)

Have you managed to boot back into Windows? Can you see both of the hard drives?

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yeh see both still, but some of the files on the hdd now give me an error wen I try to load them or try 2 play mp3s from after the hdd error check thing at boot

Hmm. Depends on the error. Google search the error code, if it isn't giving you an error code check the logs to see if it gives an error there.

You can do this by opening "Event Viewer" - just type that in on the Start Menu Search box and then click the icon that appears.
Expand the "Windows Log" section and have a look in there.

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Ok I found a few errors....

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1.
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.
The file system structure on volume D: has now been repaired.

some of the errors in Event Viewer > System

VolumeIdLength 2
VolumeId D:
RepairDetail 25008: Start repair on 03/13/2008 at 00:00:07:355 26084: Deleting an index entry from index 0x200000000128e of file 0x200000000134a. 27094: An index entry of index 0x200000000128e points to unused file 0x200000000134a. 25009: End repair on 03/13/2008 at 00:00:07:355
RepairDataLength 136
RepairData 4A13000000000200BB00170006000000000000000000000000000000060000001100000000000000000000000000000000000000030000001700000000000000000000000000000000000000130000001A00000019000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000200000000000000000000000000000000000000

Say's it has now been repaired. Have you tried it again?

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it said the same before, I doubt it did u rekon it could be to do with the cable? like a slit in it or somthing

Hmm, if you have another cable you can try, it's worth a shot.

I would try to do this first though;…spx

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yeh I done that the first time I actually found loads of my data unuseable, it just had loads of writing about deleting files, was 2 fast to read

Try out the other cable then if possible - see what happens.

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Ok Im gonna try it 2moz, what u rekon about a virus tho? I got kaspersky atm,

Hmm, unlikely. It would of detected it probably automatically and blocked it.

I think it is more likely just corrupted itself, the hard drive is dying, or the cable. The first two I blame on Vista, the last one is your issue hehe. If possible you could try it in an XP system and try to back-up your data, then put it back on the Vista system and format it, then restore the backed up files from DVD/USB Stick etc.

Whether it will even read the files on an XP system though I am not sure - if you can test it easily it is worth a shot.

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ok, hdd aint that old tho, its 500gb, and the model is very simlar to my sata hdd.

Hitachi HDT725040VLA380
Hitachi HDT725050VLAT80

It sounds to me like Vista has done something to it. Whether it is repairable or not I am not sure. The link I posted should really sort out any problems. Saving all files may not be an option, you could try to get it to a stable state and then restore the files using the other link I posted on page-1.

If you can try it in the old system it came from that would be the first thing I would do, just hope it works and then back up to another media. I have had many issues similar to this with Vista, but I usually format the drive as I have most stuff backed up to DVD. Obviously this is not an option in this case, but I really am not sure exactly what else you can try. Sorry bud.

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I dont care about restoring it to much, just want it stable, so it doesnt corrupt and delete my files in my old pc with 64bit vista with sp1, neva had a problem, using x32 without sp1 atm, need 2 upgrade :P

Try the cable tomorrow. If all else fails, I would (not saying you should do this obviously) format the D: drive using Windows and then run a file recovery program and hope the files you restore (D-to-C) appear on the C drive in a non-corrupted state.

Very risky of course hehe.

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ok ko0l, I did fortmat it using vista wen it corrupted last time, but using a different cable mite make a difference

Just back-up as much as you can in future, then stuff like this doesn't have to be so nasty!

Good luck man.

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hey thanks dood

ummm really you should double check the setup, the slave setting on the ide (non sata) hdd is for when you have two devices on the same cable , how is your drive attached, see following for correct set up
SATA drives jumpers not required
IDE drive jumpered as master on end of ide cable, slave on middle of ide cable
Some drives require a different jumper setting when used as master as from when used as single drive
may also be a compaitbility issue with cdrom if this is attached to ide cable it will need jumper setting correctly as well
If above best have hdd as master and cd as slave

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I have my IDE hdd set as slave from my last computer, I changed the Cable tho, didnt make any difference, yes im using the top of the cable, It just done it again from a fresh boot.. Just lost loads of files again, Right I need 2 change this hdd to master.. few things it said

Deleting orphan File...
Deleting Index Entery....
Recovering Orphan FIle...

Its getting me so angry, mite install this vista x64 version, never had a problem with that, Iv set it to master now too, see if it does it

I have been doing a little research on this and it seems that this happens due to the two operating systems being intact and a difference between the way the files have been structured on each. So, I am guessing it is the 32bit/64bit issue, you said one is 64bit and one is 32bit.

If what I read is right, what you should do is change the main drive to 64bit (the same as your storage drive is) and then chkdsk will run and repair ALL the files it deleted. It is not deleting the files it is merely removing them as they cannot be read by your current operating system! So rather them running in what the 32bit file system thinks they are (corrupt) it sort of backs them up until the currently running operating system can read them properly.

Makes sense really. Sorry I did not think of it earlier, I did come across this once before also heh.

Ps. The BIOS does the hard work with the cables/master/slave/boot order/etc issues now, only older motherboards generally have problems when this is not set right.

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thanks dood, I formated the hard drive within vista 32bit, and put some music on it and it done the same thing tho last time, it somtimes delete files, but somtimes keep them on but they show up as corrupted

Put on SP1, see what happens, and reply :thumbsup:

Although you did say "old pc with 64bit vista with sp1" - you should try to recreate the set-up you had before for the best chance of getting it all back. Just hope you have that copy of 64bit Vista around hehe.

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is there a final version out now?

I had x64 version with sp1 built in

Not sure, best bet is to use what you had last time.

if u have all cabling correct this is more likely a slight difference in the way each bios will pick up the geometry of the drive platter, one problem is to cure it u need to remove the existing partitions and that will make any data recovery awkward using this machine, do data recovery on old machine, install this drive into new and remove/recreate partitions

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I deleted the partition of the drive, not just a format this time, seems to have fix the problem

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hmm it just done it out of the blue again, very weird didnt delete anything I can see yet

Last post u weren't too clear about exactly how u have the setup cabled and jumpered, u need to spell it out
obviously a rampant driver can do this but unlikely to be that unstable at this point in time, v fast drive wrecking is often caused by memory mistimings often and power problems, running for fine two weeks is a pain to diagnose so just have to check parts one by one
What is your memory installed ie types,makes,sizes and speed?, power supply rating and make?
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