need some help finding power supply

    hi people i am trying to find a
    3500ma 12v dc power supply for £20 or less delived or a shop close. any help would be great


    And i need 40 x PSU's delivered for my new machine that tells me where people live so i can find a local shop for them that sells PSU's.

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    lol nottingham area

    What's it for? If you can't find a dedicated power adaptor, and you're technically inclined, a standard PC power supply unit will do. I'll upload a photo of what I've done with one of my PSUs that I also needed to serve as a 3.5a 12v supply for one of my audio interfaces, if you want to see what I did. n

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    i need it for infra red light

    Was there something wrong with the link I sent you a few days ago for a 12V 5A power supply available from fleabay for £9.99 + 2.99 p&p?
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