need some help for my daughters bday pressie !!

    hello everyone its my daughters 6th bday coming up and she has asked for abike she has a rusty old thing with stabilisers but wants a grown up one with no stabilisers etc , any way i have looked on halfords argos and amazon etc and they are all over £50 is this the going rate for this kind of bike !! i thought that was a bit steep or am i just been stingy , any help on places that sell them under £50 would be appriciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Cheapest is around £90 I think depending on size. How tall is she? My daughter really tall for her age (seven) so I got her a 24" bike. What size are you looking for? I paid £90 for one for my daughter

    Try places like asda and tesco direct, they often have them quite cheap. I'm not sure if the woolworths website sells them, they used to be quite cheap in store before they closed?
    Look on ebay as well, there are quite a few people selling new and barely used bikes on there.

    Most are likely to be above £50

    However this is probably a good one from Asda for £50 ]http//di…tml

    Their available in store as well.

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    thanks everyone she is rather small probally the smallest in her class so was just going to get a 14" one thanks everyone have left rep xx
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