Need some help from anyone with a pc or home server need questions answered please

ok guys i am a dj and have a laptop with a usb mixer so i need the laptop for djing,however i have always wanted a 2nd computer/laptop probably a computer as i have a massive 42inch plasma i wud like to use as a monitor.Anyway has anyone any suggestions,i saw this home server that was like £200 and u cud put alot of hard drive into but do i need a pc/laptop to use this or can i plug my tv into the back of the home server and use that??? i am a very gadget orientated person as my home is set up with those plugs u can turn on/off with the remote and have an iphone so a new pc/laptop with vista would be a good investment.any help would be great cheers


Not sure if this helps, but here goes anyway.

I built a PC last January for entertainment.
I put a Intel dual core duo CPU in and a 256MB Geforce 7900GS grahics card with 2 DVI outputs.
I have 2GB Ram running Windows Vista Premium 64Bit.

Got around 4 USB 2.0 hard drives (1TB) of storage.

I simply have a lead going from my PC to my monitor like usual, I also have a second lead from my graphics card going to my 40" Samsung LCD. In windows I enable the option to extend my desktop to the 2nd display.

So I can simply double click a video and then drag that video to my Samsung LCD and watch it full screen.

I mainly set this sytem up so I could watch downloaded High Defintion content on my LCD.

You can get a DVI to HDMI lead from eBay for around £15 depending how long you want the lead.

I also have the sound coming out of my PC via Digital optical lead to my Home Cinema amp for true 5.1 DTS sound.

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sounds kool mate any pics of ur set up and the leads so i can have a looksie

This is the sort of lead you are looking at from your graphics card to TV (it supports full 1080p)

This graphics card would more than do the job and is only £94.
256MB XFX 8600GTS, PCI-E (x16), Mem 2000 MHz, GDDR3, GPU 675 MHz, 2x Dual Link DVI-I/HDTV, HDCP

Here is my set up, my PC is just out of the picture to the left.

WOW. :shock:

You may need >>THIS

Yeah, you just got to love wires :-D
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