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    Hi i have recently purchased from Ebay the older pda version 02 Xda 2 which is unlocked to any network.I am with Orange when i try to connect through Orange to get on the internet it trys to access it but it cannot and mentions to check the settings.

    I phoned up Orange and told them they asked me for the model which i said is the 02 Xda2 and they said we do not have the settings for that model so we cannot send you the settings to access the internet as they send them to the phone.

    I just wondered if anybody could help me in anyway to get the right settings or nudge me in the right direction as i have looked on 02's website and the settings they have for the phone seem to be to access their 02 internet which is no good to me.


    This model is actually the Imate Jamin,
    also konown as Orange SPV M600)

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    This model is actually the Imate Jamin,

    imate jamin

    Different phone that one to the one i have.

    [COLOR="Red"]Mine Xda 2[/COLOR]!BUuvZsg!Wk~$(KGrHgoH-D4EjlLl0WegBKO-WTGFRw~~_1.JPG

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    Sorry its the HTC himalaya…aya

    i dont know if you can download settings from anywhere but this may help…665

    Also known as the SPV 1000
    the settings arent on the orange site but if you ring them they may be able to text them to you,

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    Thanks Tony rep left. :thumbsup:

    Thats a real big help for me Tony and i really appreciate you helping me out m8.

    No problem
    just found the WAP settings are on the orange site under spv m1000
    I know how annoying things like this can get,:thumbsup:

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    Cheers for that you are right it does get annoying why do they have so many names for pda phones lol.
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