need some help regarding choosing a phone for internet use but must be a sony ericsson

    hi guys n girls

    usually i know what phones to get etc but my dads left me with finding him a phone and he wants to use the internet on it and it would be good if wifi was on it but not a big deal. Oh yeh it must have 3g so the speeds are good.

    He doesnt like full touch screen phones nor big phones. Cant afford to spend much either so around £100 pounds. Hes upgrading in a month or 2 anyways so just need it to be worth while for then. Dont mind buying the phone used.

    Current choice is a sony ericsson p1i.


    Nokia N95 8GB ??

    Original Poster


    Nokia N95 8GB ??

    Hmm thats what i suggested but he doesnt like nokia n series phones.
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