need some help with limewire

    hi i use limewire all the time, when i start it up its freezing whilst loading and searching for a conn ection. i have uninstalled it several times, cleared the library and restarted the laptop, however after several gos its stil doing it

    any advice would be appreciated


    Checked your firewall settings?

    Piracy is wrong btw

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    thanks for that

    i know its wrong but so is 99p on itunes for one song

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    nope didnt work any other help pls

    limewire has always been rubbish ever since it first came out, and its a virus gatherer! if you do the naughty naughty slappy wrist downloading thing get utorrent instead, much more stable and is free

    Newsgroups FTW...

    Limewire is programmed in Java if I remeber correctly so maybe try uninstalling Limewire, installing the latest version of Java and then installing the latest version of Limewire.

    java: ]http//ww…jsp

    Failing that, uninstall Limewire and give Frostwire a go: ]http//ww…om/


    i wouldnt use limewire too many fakes around on the network and its full of bloatware/adware stuff

    if its music you like then i recommend soulseek best p2p but mainly music orientated

    [url][/url] very small program and you serach then you can connect to other users and browse their files

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    thanks for your suggestions will try tem
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