need some info please

    hi i have an xbox360 right but will not pay the mass amount for a wireless router for it,i have 3 netgear router from sky but can anyone tell me if it is possible to use these router to connect to the inernet. I am with sky broadband


    The Sky Netgear router should already be wireless.

    i dunno if this is what ur asking but i thought you could only connect to the net using the officail xbox wirelss thing

    use a ethernet cable.

    there.are homeplugs,lynksys and belkin wireless gaming bridges, i use the homeplugs which are great.:thumbsup:

    I've connected mine with ethernet

    I think you mean the wifi adapter for the xbox 360, as far as I know there's no official router for it.

    The adapter just adds wifi to the 360, you need the router as well. It does have built in ethernet though so you can connect it using an ethernet cable without paying extra (well, except for the cable if you don't already have one).
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