Need some men's shaver advice

    Looking to spend around £25-50. There seems to be 100s out there so any recommendations would be great!!


    Kaufen eine deutsche Ein Es ist eine engere

    Original Poster

    buy a german one?

    "a German one is closer" :?

    It was supposed to be a .... maybe not... alcohol and football..... = unsophisticated puns

    "Remington Microscreen III - shaves as close as a blade or your money back." - dont know if they still build these to the same quality but i paid £100 about 10 years ago for the one I have and its still going strong. never had to replace the cutters, only ever had to replace one of the head foils which cost me £3.


    Looking for one myself, got the original philips coolshave which is fantastic but the doris has "misplaced" my charger.


    remington also do rotary, like the philips, but much better, not so keen on the philips ones, not as well made as in the past
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