Need some revision hints/tips and some motivation!

    I have my finals (law uni exams) starting next week and I am trying to revise but I cant remember it and I am struggling. I dont want to fail as these exams are so important. I lack motivation, and I think as I have so much to do and so little time I feel completely overhwhelmed. Anyone got any hints or tips etc how to stay motivated and how to revise! Thanks


    log out of here and dont come back till the exams are over x x x

    ( think of the moneyyyyyyyyy )


    redbull helped keep me focused. and yes turn off your phone and your computer until designated times.

    Motivation - watch 3 episodes of Jeremy Kyle, turn tv off, sit in quiet contemplation for 5 minutes and vision how life could be........................ if that doesn't motivate you I dont know what will!

    Stop spending your life in the pub...cheers :oops

    turn off the comp, just take your bag, your revision stuff, go to the library. You take the phone, but leave it silent. After several hours of boredom, looking at other people revising hardcore style, you might get some motivation.
    Asking your mates on how their revision is doing is good stuff too.

    Write out on revision cards or bits of paper the areas you need to cover/revise. The pick a card/piece of paper with a topic on and revise that topic until you know it backwards. repeat..

    Make sure you take breaks, you can only concentrate for short periods of time. Eg, revise 45 mins, have a 10 min break. Also make sure you give yourself treats to look forward to, even if something as small as a chocolate bar! I know just how you feel, I'm in the same situation, but just think how great you'll feel once the exams are over! Good luck.

    if reading the books is not helping. record the words onto a mp3 player and listen to it whilst out walking.
    make notes and pin up round your home.
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