Need some shoes identifying

Found 3rd Feb 2011
Ive seen an ad recently`ish about these shoes that are made so walking in them is really nice/easy. Thats about all I remember other than them having some kinda revolutionary soles or grips. I wanted to get my mum a pair cuz she does loads of walking but has been complaining about her feet abit as shes gotten older.

I know its abit of a vague description but ill know if its them as soon as i see them, so any ideas?
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Shape ups?
Hotter? There has been lots of hotter adverts recently and my mum and MIL swear by them.

This is one of there adverts Hotter advert
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thanks for the replies =] yeh its defo the shape ups i remember seeing but not sure if there suitable now. Do u think theyd help as in comfort while walking or are they just designed to tone up ur legs
They are for working the leg muscles.
MBTs and Fitflops as well.
Think you might mean easytones, fitflops etc. Sportsdirect have some really good ones in their sale at the moment - half-price trainers, in 2 styles, both have curved soles, one more curved than the other.
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