Need some suggestions for a wireless mouse

    Just got a laptop, and am tired of using my old sidewinder X5 mouse which is connected to my desktop and is wired. Looking to move to a wireless for my laptop without all of the LED's or fancy colours, just something that is a decent size and reliable.

    Can anyone recommend any decent mice for £30 or under?


    got a cheap one on amazon does the job been using it for over a year. can't remember the name but it's red and loads of 5 star reviews. think it was under a tenner

    LOGITECH M545 Wireless Mouse for £24 at the moment in PC World down from £40 same price Currys pico receiver laser tracking.

    I bought a tecknet one for about a fiver a bit ago.
    bought it because it doesn't go through batteries. goes to sleep when not used. brilliant.
    just ordered a same make keyboard.

    I got a wireless keyboard and mouse from argos made by " rapoo" its been great but they sell just the mouse mine has got an invisible optical so no annoying red light not sure they all do or not see here 20 quid for keyboard and mouse with some great reviews available in black or white
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    Logitech MX1000

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    Thank you all, I only wish I could have picked a few as a good answer. The Logitech is a brand I've used before as well. My next choice may be tecknet even as a possible backup.

    I got one of these for my laptop last week. Not bad for the money at £7.19…tml
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