Need some TV's but soooooooo confused!

    I don't know didly squat about TV's and I want a 42" tv to go on the living room wall and a 22" one for the boy to play his playstation on.

    What do I need to be looking for? I'm totally confused and would appreciate any help or guidence as to what to buy. Must be soon tho.

    Thanks in advance for any help



    Get built in freeview. HD isn't necessary on the 22 inch, but desirable on the 40, in which case FULL hd is better.

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    What is the debate betwen plasma v lcd please?

    lcd screens last a lot longer,,,,look at listings on teleland good prices and five year guarantee and free delivery and quick


    Get built in freeview. HD isn't necessary on the 22 inch, but desirable … Get built in freeview. HD isn't necessary on the 22 inch, but desirable on the 40, in which case FULL hd is better.

    HD is needed though if he's got a PS3 (to get the full benefit of the games and blu ray capabilities) and to future proof yourself. That said, its getting increasingly hard to get a non HD and freeview 22" lcd.

    Take a good look at the big high street boys (currys, comet, argos etc.) from Thursday to see the big bank hol deals.

    For 22", you'll only find that in LCD; at 42" you can get either plasma or lcd - if you go over that most options will be plasma (although there are a few larger lcds). Plasma's used to be better for contrast ratios and fast moving pictures eg. sports and action films but again current technology has closed that gap (iirc, the 6 series Samsung 1080p sets have 100mhz technology - makes for smoother action and 30000:1 contrast ratios). Basically go for the best set in your budget; look at SD pictures if thats what you'll going to be watching most of and ask in store to see the freeview picture on a good signal, possibly even getting them to move the set (but probably best not to try this Bank Holiday Monday lunchtime)

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    Thank you sooo much for all the advice.

    I will take a trip to the retal park on monday

    Plasma V's LCD

    plasma will give you a better picture but can suffer from screen glare from room lights and sunlight
    LCD does not suffer from this, also you can not get a Full HD Plasma only 720P is avalable with this.
    check out CNet for a video buying guide and also how to check what size will suit your living room


    I will take a trip to the retal park on monday

    Have you considered puchasing on-line as the prices will be massively better.

    You can go via cash-back sites, such as paypal, and certain credit cards, such as Egg, give you 2.5% back on purchases at Dixons.

    I wouldn't ever consider buying anything from a shop these days. Unless it's my shopping that is...and even then it's easier to do it on-line.

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    Thanks again everyone....sooooo helpful xx


    What is the debate betwen plasma v lcd please?

    You have been misinformed about LCD v plasma displays. Let's look at the technology:

    Plasma is a gas made up of charged ions and electrons. By applying a voltage the plasma becomes positively charged. This excites the gas (Xenon and Neon) atoms and produces light in the form of photons.

    LCD display uses small electrical currents to allow light to pass through the liquid crystals. This leads to a disadvantage of LCDs. As the liquid crystals are in certain states to manipulate light passage this means that the backlight must be constantly on. To display blacks, the crystals must be in a state to block out backlighting and inevitably light seepage can occur which can result in dark gray pixels rather than true black pixels. Plasma displays do not suffer from this phenomenon.

    In terms of power used, it depends on what you are watching on the display. A common misconception is that LCD displays use less power and this is only correct to a certain extent. In scenes where there is a lot of darkness, plasma displays actually use less power because no voltage is applied to the black pixels whereas for LCD displays, a voltage is still applied to the liquid crystals and furthermore, the backlighting is still on.

    People also mention screen burn in as a disadvantage of plasma displays. In all actuality, this is very rare because motion adaptive anti burn technology is employed which moves the screen image very slightly (yet is undetectable by the human eye).

    LCD displays tend to be thinner and lighter because the space required for each pixel using LCD technology is less than that required from each pixel of a gas plasma. This also results in a tendency for higher resolution from LCD displays - typically a 42 inch HD Ready LCD display will have a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a plasma counterpart would typically be 1024 x 768.

    As for Full HD plasmas, they are readily available.
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