Need someone to work this out for me (eBay/PayPal)

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Found 13th Mar 2009
Ok for example, if I put up an item for £200 buy it now, it gets sold, I get payment by paypal, then I transfer from paypal to my bank account, how much exactly from that £200 will I actually get?


Hmm roughly guessing make 180ish? Due to fees and paypal taking a percentage from the £200.00. Costs nothing ton transfer it to your bank though. Unless it was under £50.00


Depends on what category, start price etc. but anywhere between £170-£180

If you have a look on Ebays help pages you will find the exact insertion/Final value fees for Buy it now items.
Paypal site will tell you the % they deduct.

will this help
will calculate ur paypal fees

hit the uk flag to change currency…htm

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Okay eBay's fees are 10% :(, so that would be £20 dedacted on their behalf, leaving me with £180 in my PP account right? Then from there it's all free (to send to my bank)?

Once eBay have taken their cut you would then incur a charge from Paypal receiving the money.

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And that charge can be calculated in the link Khalifazad posted??
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