Need Suggestions, How to ask Parents if their kid accidentally took game cartridge

Posted 20th Oct 2020
Sorry for the long post.

Some time back (when restrictions were relaxed) my wife’s friend came home for lunch with their daughter. My daughter is of same age (both 7.5 years) and both are friends and go to same school.

They both got Nintendo for Christmas last year, and since then I purchased almost all main titles (some physical some online) and they only got mario Kart.

Now after their visit, our Mario tennis cartridge went missing, my daughter told me she saw her friend fiddling with it but was not sure if she took it. And I assumed we accidentally threw it away while cleaning.

Noe after few weeks of that, today my daugher came back home and told me that she saw cartridge in her same friend’s bag and she did ask questions and confronted her (7.5 year old are blunt I must say).

She came back home annoyed and kept asking me to get it back from her (not budging even after promise of getting her new one).

In this situation, I don’t want it back , but I do want parents to be aware if she took it and been keeping it hidden, they are kids they should be taught what is right or wrong. I am not sure how to tell them, it’s sensitive thing and i know the family they don’t have open mind like me, who will understand the situation and check without feeling insulted and I know for sure they won’t be calm in dealing with the daugher too.
On other hand I don’t want my daughter to think that someone took her stuff and dad did nothing even after knowing it.

Any suggestions please ?

Thanks for giving your time to read it.
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