Need sum advise

    brought sum concert tickets to cut a long story short tickets never showed up,,i paided via nochex its an online payment service.. i brought these tickets of a web site that this person was selling and various emails back n forth saying he had posted tracking number ever given that made me realize he probs never sent them in first place. i have continually sent many emails and he has answered a few sayin blah blah sorry he will give a refund.has of yet no refund !!! av contact this nochex and they r sayin they aint liable only the seller can give me the refund. now do i get the police involved ?? all i have is a email address.. but obviously this online payment center have there details cus u have to register your debit/credit card amount was (£85) what shall i do!!


    advice on grammar or spelling? :w00t:


    Must agree that I could barely understand what the OP has written.

    I'm sorry that I can't offer any advise other than keep doing what you've been doing and keep persisting with the emails. Some people tend to hope you'll back down and let it go.

    Is there a place to enter feedback about the seller? I've not used ebay or places like the type you described so I don't have the experience.

    Perhaps you can look for threads on this site asking for ebay or trade selling help and browse through some responses which might give suggestions suitable to help you?

    With regards to the grammar I'm guessing you're a young un raised on texting abbreviation. ;-)

    Here's some advice: learn to spell!
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