Found 6th Mar 2010
I know quite abit about computers but I just cant seem to work this one out.... there was a deal on here recently for a XFX HD 4850 graphics card, well I brought it and its a beast and works perfectly and all but Iv come across abit of a odd problem which I cant work out.... Basicly since I installed it im getting a weird like static sound in my headphones that are plugged in my front audio port, its really weird, it gets louder on when the graphics card is being used, the dvd drive is spinning or I scroll up and down on web sites, I really cant work it out, I have speakers plugged into the back of the PC also and there fine, there isnt any "static" sound, Its kinda annoying and I make music on my pc also, anyone know how to solve this? Googled it and couldnt really see an awnser, Thanks in advance.


unplug headphones.......................problem solved

sounds like the psu is struggling to provide the extra power the graphics card draws and its straining is causing some of its components to go RF noisy

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I cant unplug the headphones lol, I need them to make music while ppl are in bed

my psu is 900watts :\

wattage isn't the only factor. is it a dual rail?
i'd guess one of the caps is overloading and causing interference

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Well this is the PSU I got, my bad its 800watts, im sure the box said 900 lol…196

it is 900w but only @peak its 800w continuous.
psu noise is very common. its the earthing that causes the sound to be picked up by the headphone socket. i'd suggest as a workaround you get an 3.5mm extension and plug that into the line out at the back and plug your headphones into the other end

It could be the cable connecting the front socket picking up stray RF from the graphics GPU when it's being pushed. Try re-routing the cable, moving the card to another slot (if possible), wrapping a graphite coil around the cable or, at a push, try shielding the cable with tin foil (wrap around cable, or put between the graphics card and cable, and ground off on the case somewhere).




usb headphones? or tru the headphones in the rear audio socket?

Sure its not something plugged into the same power strip causing problems? I get noise out of my machine if I turn a lamp on or use a particular external hard drive.

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no mic, hmm no lamps or anything near it, it seems be be somthing 2 do with the graphics card, its louder when im playing a game, so yeh guess I need 2 shield the cable, only thing is its very short and i cant re-route it or anything and its not that close 2 the gfx card but I guess thats the problem couse it never happend b4....

Creative soundcard ?

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no onboard realtek one, updated lastest HD drivers 2 :\

Use the rear sound jack then, or you might be able change HAL on say an XP install to have it assign different IRQ's. (NOT from Windows but eg a new

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I gave in and plugged it in the back lol, I ended up setting it up so both headphones & speakers are in, thanks to 5.1 :P

thanks guys anyway, rep 2 u all
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