Need surround system with no rear speakers - opinions?

    I need to buy some birthday present to my missus. I know she want some sort of surround system (Home Cinema) but she hates cables and such. I was thinking of wireless rear speakers but it still need power cables to rear speakers...

    What is your opinion on Sound Projectors by Yamaha? The outgoing models (YSP-800 and YSP-1000) could be bough well below 500 quid. Do you think it worth the money?

    Or is there an alternative (say, 2.1 set) which would also provide me with simulated (or emulated? not sure which word is more appropriate here) surround sound?


    You could always use flat speaker cables !

    I have them under the carpet and up the side of the back wall, *almost* invisible. Its a lot cheaper than buying a wireless system or a Bose multiwave type jobbie. Then you can get whatever speakers you like. NXT Flat panels are good for low visibility, and the sound is getting better...

    I did a review of a wireless speaker system a few years ago, but didn't rate it much. So much so that I cannot even remember the brand !

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    There are no carpets in my house, just laminate flooring everywhere. And to lift it I would have to cut veneers (it is glued), so no good for me.

    The Yamaha Sound Projectors receive excellent reviews, but if spending that much on them you ought to visit a dedicated Yamaha stockist. They used to have sound rooms in most of their shops, not sure if they still do, as I haven't visited one myself for a while.

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    Yes there are a couple of Yamaha specialists nearby but I've got real problem with it. I feel somewhat guilty when I am going to small shop, spending owner's time, getting advice, then, when order book is open, to say something like "OK, I'll think about it" and walk away... But specialist prices are never good, so... Not sure what to do.

    Well, they're paid to be there and give you the advice whether you take it or not. You might even find they offer you a good deal :santa:

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    I do not have this problem going to large store, where so-called advisers are paid-for (and mostly know-nothings, like PCWorld folks). This is just small private shops I have problem with
    Anyway, I'll give'em a call.

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    Had a chat with my local Yamaha dealer today. They asked me if I could wait a bit and come in first week of January as they are extremely busy and are unable to set up proper sound scene. As to prices, they are more expensive than Internet retailers (as expected) but they promised to sort this issue out.
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