Need to buy a copy right for my work

Hia Guys

I have nearly finished writing my book and ready to send to publishers. I want to buy a copy right before i send my work. Does anyone know of any good deals on the internet. I dont mind paying for it. Want to do it properly.



You cant 'buy' copyright as such. When you write your book it is actually your copyright. One way to protect your copyright on your work is to make a copy and post it to yourself, recorded delivery at the same time you send it to the publishers. DO NOT OPEN IT when you get it back. This then gives a copy of your work, sealed at a given time.

Alternatively, you can send it to a lawyer/solicitor with the same result (except they charge you). Bear in mind that copyright is never worth having unless you intend to enforce it in some way in the future. If you have written something and are sending it off, make sure you put 'Copyright {your name, address} and the {date} (or year) on every page.

Good luck!

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Thank you for that. Will do that. Henna
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