Need to buy a Laptop

    Hi guys wanted to know if someone could give me a good deal for a laptop (not a desktop).

    Need the following and have a max limit of £600.

    2.2 GHz processor
    3 GB DDR3 Ram minimum
    Windows 7 32/64 bit
    500GB Hard drive
    Midrange High range graphics card
    Wi-Fi G/N
    6 cell minimum battery
    15 inch screen minimum

    Blue ray would be a benefit though but at this price I dont expect much, I want something like this but with the above specs


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    This is also good ]http//ww…-no but has anyone seen any better offers?

    Try these people, always got good service from them myself

    Also Dell are my personal favorites either [url][/url]


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    Thanks, i was looking for some good deals like th ones posted byt thanks mate.

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    Anyone guys?

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    Should I buy this: ]http//ww…8-1 or whait for this to go back down to £450: ]http//ww…-21 ,,. I have another 10 days to decide to place a order.

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    Budget increased to £600. Minimum spects are to be:

    14” or 15” screen resolution 1600X900
    i5 CPU preferred (is i7 better than i3?)
    4GB DDR3
    500GB Hard drive
    512MB Graphics card
    Wireless b/g/n
    Integrated web cam
    6 Cell Battery life

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    guys is this a good deal?

    System 1558
    Win 7 64 bit
    I5 Processor -520M (2.4Mhz)
    500GB hard drive space
    LCD back cover?
    15.6" HD 1366x768 WLED
    6 Cell battery
    Web cam 2.0 M-pix
    DVD RW

    From Dell outet for £503 ex vat and del.
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