Need to buy a laptop for my (older!) mum - any suggestions?

    My mum is in her sixties and has now decided she would like to go on the internet. She has asked me to get her a laptop and her budget is up to approx £350.00. I think she would only really use if for surfing the internet, so doesn't need to be too high a spec. Also think she may be better with XP but am sure she would manage with Vista if she had too. Have looked at a few between £250 to £350 but not really sure what to go for. Basically, my main requirements are thats its reliable and will last her for a few years before it needs updating. Would welcome any suggestions! (She has never been on a computer before so we really are starting from scratch!)


    Plenty 2nd hand with xp on fleabay .Just check out feedback when bidding.Some sellers will offer a limited gaurantee and many have XP.I bought a tosh 3 tears ago with amd celeron and xp pro for £65 and lasted 3 years ........luck of the draw.For surfing yo really want around 1.7ghz or higher and if mum is only using it occasionally better to make mistakes on a 2nd hander.Interesting wot others suggest.
    Bought an amd dual core lappy today for 64.75 with xp pro from fleabay you can gettum cheap although older achines they are sufficient for de job

    get her a ds and brain training instead


    get her a ds and brain training instead

    I think the councils run a simple windows/computer beginners course so your mum might want to enlist as seniors get a discount if not free:thinking:


    There you go

    Exactly what i would have recommended.
    Bought a few for colleagues and they love it*.

    *HP 550 but slightly better spec.
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